Who am I really? I AM loving kindness. I am no more than the leaves dancing on the trees and no less than the stars dancing overhead. I am the roots seeking moisture and nourishment as they stretch under the earth. I am the wind forming and dissolving dancing with moisture, creating clouds, making the trees dance. I am the mountain under your feet, the rocks that break apart with the heaving and thawing of frost. I am the sand in the river bottom as the water tumbles the rocks down steep rocky cliffs and through peaceful meadows. I am the water, the lifeblood, that falls from the heavens, from moisture laden clouds, runs down the mountain and dances to the sea. I am the sun, as it warms the water of the ocean and lifts the molecules of moisture and air high into the atmosphere to travel around the world in across the mountains where it drops once again.

I AM Love.

I am the tears of grief and joy, the warm hugs a mother gives her child. I am the hand of safety and comfort in emergencies. I am the gift of a coat or blanket on frozen dark Night. I am the sweat and racing heart of a fireman saving lives and animals and homes. I am the fire that consumes, purifies, cleans, destroys, and renews. I am at the Phoenix born from the ashes rising with new life. I am the empathetic heart of the world. There is no separation. What I do to others is done to ME.

I AM One Heart Beating in unison and strength, in fear and grief. In joy and acceptance.


~Darlisa Black, 2017