In Honor of Loved Ones

Many of us have lost so many loved ones already this year, and it brings with it an occasional melancholy that can also be the doorway to good memories.   Today, processing photos from my archives, I ran across this set of images I took at a dear friends home in the White Salmon area.  Sharon Continue reading “In Honor of Loved Ones”

More than Meets the Eye: the tip of the Autism Iceburg.

Studying more on ASD and ADD has given me many insights; not only into the autistic community, but also myself. Long blog post!

There has been a lot of coverage on a book called to Siri with love, written by an artistic parent and detailing their experiences in life. This book has sparked an incredible outrage within the autistic community. On Amazon there is an excellent and long review analyzing why the book is extremely inappropriate and untrueContinue reading