What is an Autistic Meltdown?

This woman presents an audio clip  giving a very factual description of what an #ActuallyAutistic meltdown can be like and what can cause them to occur

Last week I posted a very short video explaining what autistic meltdowns and shutdowns are in just over two minutes. Since posting I’ve had some questions so this week I took the time to answer a few reader questions in this audio clip.

via All About Autistic Meltdowns & Shutdowns (Audio Only) — Neurodivergent Rebel


17 thoughts on “What is an Autistic Meltdown?

  1. jskendrick says:

    Thanks for the post. I found it very informative. It also clarified something for me. Meltdown/Shutdowns are different than cycling correct? As in my 10 year old daughters case, stress will make her regress. Sometimes what triggers it is obvious, other times not so obvious.

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