It’s an Autism Thing – I’ll help you understand

This remarkable and extremely helpful book is written by an Autistic woman who also has Autistic children. I downloaded the sample from iBooks, and was totally impressed at the clear concise writing on the example of Christmas with Autistic children. For example, did you know that receiving presents wrapped up can be extremely stressful and cause panic? One suggestion was giving the presents in open topped bags, and possibly giving the person some private time to examine their present.

Another suggestion for any event when you have autistic guests; provide a quiet space separate from the party for dinner, where they can “retune” and calm themselves down if needed.

(heck, I am not autistic myself and I sometimes need a place to hide for a few minutes and chill out in a gathering)

(The iBook link is provided in this Book description from the publisher)

“It’s an Autism Thing – I’ll help you understand”
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