Shoreline Community College

Recently I was able to visit my daughter in Seattle, And spend a couple hours wandering around Shoreline community college while she was working. It was a lovely day!

22 degree Halo around the sun
22° halo around the sun

Campus flowers
Bees 🐝 covered the Ceanothus, i managed to catch one with my cell phone!

Bee flying among Ceanothus flowersBee flying among Ceanothus flowers

Bee 🐝 on Ceanothus flowers[/caption]

While I was there i came upon this Memorial day celebration with some local veterans in rememberance of those who lost their lives in service to our country. I was honored to shake their hands and tell them thank you.

Veterans on Memorial Day

There is a pretty fountain sculpture on campus as well.

One more thing that caught my eye, signs around campus showing their policy of acceptance for all.