Swans of Schreiners Farms

I wandered through Schreiners Farm in Dallesport today and admired the many animals living there. This is a collection of two Swans I saw, and later research showed them to be Trumpeter Swans… later I will do posts of Zebra and Camel also.  I will post some informational links in comments because I still haveContinue reading “Swans of Schreiners Farms”

“Moods of Mount Adams” … a new photo book for sale

My last photo book was such a great success, that I decided to make a new one. This one is all about Mount Adams, and includes a bit of simple text and a lot of lenticular clouds and lake reflections as you can see below. details: Photo book “Moods of Mount Adams” size 8 xContinue reading ““Moods of Mount Adams” … a new photo book for sale”

Lenticular Sunrise in delicious PINK

Mount Adams was glowing so beautifully this morning in the alpenglow even before the sun directly kissed the snow on the peak… thanks to the Dogs I am taking care of I was up earlier enough, and all I had to do was throw on my boots and robe and grab my camera to runContinue reading “Lenticular Sunrise in delicious PINK”

Magic of Water…. necessity of Life

Water is the staff of life… without fresh drinking water we would all die fairly quickly and painfully, and yet our world is busily polluting and otherwise destroying water at an alarming rate. Did you know the large majority of our body mass is water? We come from water in the mother’s womb, and theContinue reading “Magic of Water…. necessity of Life”

Warm Up Time

Up on a hill near Trout Lake, this morning I woke to the sound of snow melting and dripping off the roof. first time in awhile that it started a day that warm around here! I could see a warm color south near Mount Hood and to the west over the hills, but Mount AdamsContinue reading “Warm Up Time”