2014 Calendar

At long last!  I finished designing my calendar and offer up pre-sale options now.  As soon as I get enough to do so I will order a batch of 50, and pre-sale customers get first shipments when they come in. Likely I will have them by the end of November, or perhaps a week into December.   I do have a long list of people interested, and it will be first come first serve, with the option for a later shipment when these are gone.  As with prior years, they are on heavy cardstock, we call them “Keeper Calendars” and the colors are wonderful.

Just like last year, they will be $25.00 each, plus $6 shipping.  If you are local I can hand deliver.  3 or more calendars get a discount and are $20.00 each for those who are getting them as presents for family and friends.    Contact me here, on Facebook at Starlisa Black Photography or via email at starlisa.black@gmail.com

Click on a photo, and it will take you to a larger view, and use the arrows to scroll through all the pages.  Tell me what you think?

Photos are from the area between Mount Adams and Mount Hood, and the Columbia Gorge primarily, with small images from many places.  I will also be making some with blank dates for people who use the wall calendar to write appointments in, so be sure to let me know which one you want.    I also may still get my fire calendar done that I talked about doing, so let me know if that was what you wanted instead of this.

I hope you enjoy!!

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