Moods of Mount Adams photo book


This 8 1/2 x 11 inch coffee table style book  is entirely photos of Mount Adams in the southern Washington Cascade Mountain Range, near Trout Lake, WA, and is Sprinkled liberally with my signature images of Lenticular clouds

29 page Photo book   “Moods of Mount Adams” (3rd edition with several new pages and Aurora Borealis  images from 2013 added.  Only THREE were printed, and only ONE is left in stock.  This one is going to be auctioned off soon on Facebook.  Click this link for the Facebook page, or find the link in the sidebar


 There are two others copies left of the 2nd edition, with 20 pages and no aurora shots at the end.  Those are currently available for $60.oo plus  $6 shipping

8 x 11 inch hard back book with Image wrap on front and back

COST: Previous copies sold for $75.00 (plus $6.00 shipping in US ) however this last copy I am going to auction off on my Facebook page

I can take Paypal, checks, and cash

if you would like one of these limited edition specialty books contact me directly

at or on facebook (link in sidebar)

2 thoughts on “Moods of Mount Adams photo book

  1. I am very interested as to where you were when you got the shots of the Auroras, and what the KP was that evening if you know. I’ve been chasing them, so to speak, for awhile and I can’t seem to find any good places where I can actually see them.


    1. Hi there…
      we have gotten aurora shots in many places in Washington and Oregon, it all depends on the KP and the BZ direction. You can learn more about some of that at as to the kp when I shot… I seldom get anything worth while under kp5 but it has happened lower on a couple occasions when there was a sudden quick spike. Those are not so predictable, you just have to be shooting at the right time. Anywhere with a good north view, on a clear night with a kp of 5 or more and a south BZ, and dark sky is best. Good luck!


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