Meandering Visions of Joyous Solidarity, and Appreciation for Helpful Hints.

NOW if you just want to skip to the stuff about where is the Art For Oso fundraiser auction and gorgeous photos you can bid on, slide on down the page to the link section. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I won’t be offended if you skip my ramblings This has been an incredible grassroots explosion of caring, thanksContinue reading “Meandering Visions of Joyous Solidarity, and Appreciation for Helpful Hints.”

Great Horned Owl and Barred Owl

When I was a teenager, we had a clump of Ponderosa Pines in our backyard in Husum, Washington. On occasion several huge Great Horned owls would land in the trees, hooting back and forth at each other in the dark of night. I would stand out in the middle of the clump of trees andContinue reading “Great Horned Owl and Barred Owl”

Calm Morning on the Columbia River at the National Fish Hatchery

My nephew called me this morning with a heads up about lovely sunlight coming under the fog on the Columbia near The mouth of the White Salmon River. Being the night Owl that I am, I was not yet ready for the day. I threw on my clothes, grabbed my camera, and drove down theContinue reading “Calm Morning on the Columbia River at the National Fish Hatchery”

Bald Eagles in the Columbia River Gorge

  Some information from Wikipedia “The¬†Bald Eagle¬†(Haliaeetus leucocephalus;¬†hali¬†= sea,¬†aeetus¬†=¬†eagle,¬†leuco= white,¬†cephalis¬†= head) is a¬†bird of prey¬†found in North America. A¬†sea eagle, it has two known sub-species and forms a¬†species pair¬†with the¬†White-tailed Eagle¬†(Haliaeetus albicilla). Its range includes most of Canada and Alaska, all of the¬†contiguous United States, and northern Mexico. It is found near large bodies ofContinue reading “Bald Eagles in the Columbia River Gorge”

Horsethief Butte, Lake, and Lennies :-)

What a day for a daydream… la la la! ¬† This afternoon I took off on a chase the light and Lenticular cloud mission, driving East from White Salmon along Highway 14. ¬†Unsure of what I wanted to catch or which way to go, I kept my eye on the sky, with frequent stops toContinue reading “Horsethief Butte, Lake, and Lennies :-)”

Seasonal Waterfalls and Grass Widows

This time of year is such a joy after the dark times to have the light, and with it the earliest of flowers and the waterfalls that Grace cliffs of the gorge. Grass windows bloom even as the snow melts along the mossy seasonally wet plateaus in the eastern end of the Columbia River GorgeContinue reading “Seasonal Waterfalls and Grass Widows”

Random Bits of Pink

I just felt like some COLOR was appropriate, rich vibrant color to counteract the Ice and bitter wind outside. A friend treated me tonight to an amazing day at Bonneville Hot Springs Resort, and tonight coming home was the coldest it has been in awhile. So, for all of you anxious for warmer and brighterContinue reading “Random Bits of Pink”

Grass Widows at Catherine Creek

Last year on January 30… wonder if they are back!   I now have another Gallery Show set up at North Shore Cafe in White Salmon, Washington for February and March, come on by and visit! Come see my best images ¬†by clicking the image in the sidebar that says purchase Prints. ¬†If you contactContinue reading “Grass Widows at Catherine Creek”

Another Fire Sky Sunset in the Gorge!

  I had a stupendous evening up on this hill in Washington not far from White Salmon, watching the sky flare up then fade back down. ¬†Color lasted for over an hour in the clouds as though a magic wand had waved over them so they could hold the color. A bit later, looking SouthContinue reading “Another Fire Sky Sunset in the Gorge!”

Exciting upcoming Event in White Salmon!

  I confess to never really being ¬†a community organizer type, spending more of my time out in the woods and mountains taking photos to share, but I am so impressed with the new lively and fun team of ladies running the Mt. Adams Chamber now that it is a joy to jump on boardContinue reading “Exciting upcoming Event in White Salmon!”