Spring Storms

After spending some lovely time trying and failing to catch some lightning in Southern Washington Cascades May 6, i finally gave up on that and just enjoyed where I was standing. Hope you enjoy it with me!


Soft, Springy Earth

“What a joy it is

to feel the soft, springy

earth under my feet once more,

to follow grassy roads

that lead

to ferny brooks

where I can bathe my fingers

in a cataract of rippling


~ Helen Keller

Catherine Creek Earth Day

My journey continue today after the previous post with a walk at Catherine Creek. It was truly so pleasant, and I took the opportunity to play in the grass quite frequently :-). I felt such a peaceful simple joy laying in the grass, in the sunshine.


Happy Earth Day!

Here is a series of images taken on 4/20/18, from Trout Lake to White Salmon, WA. These are phone shots. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you find yourself grateful today for this wonderful planet we all share. Thank you for your visits, feel free to share my posts!

Redbuds, Blue Jays, and Joy

Spring is such a wondrous time of year. The sap begins to flow again in people as well as trees. Spirits lift, even spring storms become magnificent paintings instead of drudgery. I wake in the morning to the sounds of joyful birds and a smile on my face knowing that greens are returning via new leaves and buds; and colors will once again be painted into the landscape.

See more of my photography at starlisa.smugmug.com

Thank you!

Onwards and Upwards

One day at a time…. onwards and upwards… and this is a good day full of beauty! If your head is hanging down and you are sitting in a dark room feeling down, step outside in the sun or rain, and take a deeeeeeep breath in, look up and around, study the spring signs popping out all over the place, and remind yourself whatever the problem is, does not have to consume you. You have a choice, you can embrace each little moment of beauty and it can help turn things around for you. I know this to be true from many ups and downs in this life.

Is it Spring?

While not entirely spring in Trout Lake, down the hill in Husum to White Salmon area flowers are popping. Here the upper valley we still have little spots of snow. However yesterday I woke up to the sound of birds singing loudly, birds I had not been hearing yet this year. That’s a good sign! How is spring progressing in your area?

Here are a few images from yesterday in the lower White Salmon River Valley.


Glenwood, Washington is about to be swamped by 2000 bicyclists Sunday, September 6, and town will be buzzing all day with riders, booths, Native artist ready to share drawings, my photography, Indian Tacos, Music and more.  A Tent City is being set up to house the riders overnight with their own view of Mount Adams.  This is a Cycle Oregon event, with a side trip overnight into Washington before heading back south into Oregon, part of a 7 day ride mostly in Oregon.

I will be setting up a small booth, but mostly I want to get out and get photos of the event!

Here are a few new photos of the Glenwood area, including Conboy Lake Wildlife Refuge, some Sandhill Cranes,

Also a reminder, if you are local, stop by the Library Tuesday night Sept 9 for the open house 6:00-9:00 PM














Adventures on the Bickleton Highway

I had a sudden and rare opportunity to be gone overnight on May 27,  so I threw my bed in the truck with a cooler and other assorted necessities, grabbed all my camera gear and hit the road going east.  A sweet lady in Glenwood told me how beautiful the road to Bickleton from Goldendale, Washington was this time of year, and suggested  the east county should be in my repertoire (and sweetened the pot with some gas money!) so off I ran in the afternoon that day.  Coming home again by 10:30 pm on the 28th, my cards all full and my batteries all empty, I had around 40 GB of new images to download and process!  Here are a few, and for now I need to get back to some other projects for people, but you will be seeing more from here over time.  Enjoy!

To get to this area, head to Goldendale on Highway 97.  Coming north on 97 from the Columbia Gorge, go to the second main exit for Goldendale and turn left.  Go approximately 1-2 blocks and turn left on a small road with a green sign for Bickleton, right before Amy’s Attic on the left.  Gas up before you leave Goldendale though… it is 35 miles to Bickleton and the next gas station!

This batch of images is all from the 28th after I woke up in my truck off on some little side road.

Along the road I found masses of Lupines in hidden places off side roads

Along the road I found masses of Lupines in hidden places off side roads

As I drove along,  this big thunderhead began to build in the NE sky.



You know me and my clouds… soon i was really looking around for special things to put under the clouds for photos!


Coming around the corner suddenly the road drops off the plateau and switchbacks rapidly down into Rock Creek Canyon, crosses the creek, and just as rapidly climbs again back to the next plateau.

Coming around the corner suddenly the road drops off the plateau and switchbacks rapidly down into Rock Creek Canyon, crosses the creek, and just as rapidly climbs again back to the next plateau.

Through the Rock Creek Canyon on Bickleton Highway

Through the Rock Creek Canyon on Bickleton Highway

Eventually I made it to Bickleton itself, immediately after the rain and hail hit town leaving the roads wet and shiny.  I had a wonderful Salmon burger and salad at the Bluebird Inn, and Melba, the owner, was really fun to talk with.  I learned that this place is well known in the area for its Burgers especially… and while I was there a couple had lunch after driving over from Goldendale.  I also learned there is a great photographer who owns the Market and cafe across the street, but sadly for me it was closed on Wednesdays, so I shall have to return here another day!  There is a Carousel museum in town as well, and bluebird houses and bluebird trail maps AND bluebirds everywhere!

Bickleton_BluebirdCafe-4783 Bickleton_BluebirdCafe-4779 Bickleton_BluebirdCafe-4777 Bickleton_BluebirdCafe-4776 Bickleton_BluebirdCafe-4784

Melba also told me about the lovely old church in town (more images of the outside will come along later), and about a driveway with lovely flowers further up the road.

BickletonChurch_4888 BickletonChurch_4880










There are a good many more untold stories from this one day, and they will have to wait for another post another day, but I just could not wait to share these with you now!   Hope you enjoy as well.  This last image from Wednesday was taken along Dot road, which heads south from the Bickleton Highway out of Cleveland just west of Bickleton.  This is one of about 3 routes a person can take back down to the Columbia River, and it was a lovely drive through the windmill farms and then a drop down through a canyon to a section of Old Highway 8, which then takes you to Highway 14 near Roosevelt, Washington.


Thank you for your time, and feel free to click on the images… many of the best ones will take you to my gallery page where the prints will be available for purchase, while the stuctural shots of the Bluebird and the church will simply take you to an attachment page on this blog.

I hope you take the time to check out my galleries, the link is also in the sidebar menu near the top.   Come find me on Facebook or Flickr, as well!