Willow Puts his best foot forward

Recently I shared a story of my cat Willow who had disappeared for a month in the Alaskan Bush. I wish he could tell me the stories of everything he went through. I’m sure some of it was very traumatic because he panics in small spaces.  Nevertheless he’s eating large amounts and getting those bones covered with a layer of flesh again. I appreciate the help various people gave me on his behalf so he could see the vet.  He says thank you.  

Awww i love you too!

Mom will you quit bugging me with that camera?


Two sides to every story

Thoughts on Political Process, Social Media, and Polarization of the Masses… and about Fear of Change.     This has been boiling up inside as I read more about both “sides” of both the #noDPL Standing Rock protests against the oil pipeline as well as the occupation of the #Malheur wildlife refuge in Oregon by the Bundy family and militia. Although I still don’t agree with the occupation of the Malheur wildlife refuge by the Bundys, reading some of the stories about the trial and things that have been said have made me a little more understanding than I used to be. It reminds me once again that the truth is often somewhere between the extremes we hear. I’m also blown away by the incompetence of the Oregon prosecutors who blew the case, regardless of my opinion on whether they’re guilty or not. It seems like the whole crazy experience does a lot to confirm some of the Bundys primary complaints of incompetent government. I personally think there’s a lot to learn from this whole situation. 

       I know I have many friends who will just immediately lash out that what the Bundys did was horrible and wrong and I have other friends who will immediately defend the Bundys regardless of their methods. That seems to be pretty much the mood of the country right now, lash out without thinking or reading or learning more. Lash out to defend what you wish to believe, because you don’t want things to be any different than what you’ve always believed. It’s uncomfortable to see things any differently than what you’re used to. There is actually a lot of fear involved, fear that maybe you weren’t as justifiably angry as you thought. Fear of change; of governmental control; of militia taking over the country. Fear that someone’s going to see you with egg on your face and then that makes you terribly angry.  

     20 or 100 years from now people will be studying what happened at this time., And they will be amazed at how quickly things got out of control and how bullheaded people were.   

    So, before you cry out with your explanations of why it was obviously one way or the other, stop and think. Facebook and social media have become so incredibly overreactive to what is in front of us. People have been encouraged to make quick short passionate comments, or derisive comments. The way Facebook operates is to reinforce what ever your apparent belief is based on the things you like and share. They stop showing you the other side of the coin. This process causes more and greater division and less common sense. This becomes incredibly apparent during a political process of any sort. 

     The other side of the coin here is that Facebook also allows us to show what’s really happening during events and anywhere in the country with our live videos and observations and photos; to show things the media never shows anymore because they’re owned by big corporations and have vested interests. So Facebook can also be a grassroots tool of great impact. News used to be non biased, with journalists searching out the truth. Now it is an entertainment circus aimed at increasing ratings. Levelheaded people on Social media have the ability to get real information out there to the world in ways that have never before possible. However that falls apart when all people do is attack each other. 

   So in the words of the immortal Youngbloods song, “Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together try to love one another right now”

As The Days Shorten

My goodness here it is 8:18 AM and barely a hint of distant morning light yet outside here in Anchor Point, Alaska. The days are getting shorter so fast now, and the sun barely times the distant trees at noon. There is a gentle misty rain today, and it has warmed up to 37° already.  Here are a few fun details to make you smile on a rainy day. It’s too dark to take these now, I actually took them yesterday when there was a little bit of sunlight. 

Alaska, Brilliant and Serene

Alaska, land of wildness and hardy people. Volcano country with innumerable small quakes so common they are seldom noticed. Skies so big you can get lost in them, with auroras that make you fall over backwards trying to take it all in. 

Deep Creek Beach aurora

Aurora seen from beside the trailer i am staying in for a few weeks

Visiting here on the southern Kenai Peninsula has expanded all the spaces of my soul, and fed my hungry heart.  Air so fresh and crisp my lungs ask for more, and grand vistas that my eyes drink in thirstily. 

Tern Lake Reflections Panorama

Sunset behind Mount Illiamna across Cook Inlet from Happy Valley

Twilight and Mount Douglas, with a pinch of Aurora. Ninilchik, Alaska

Even the wildlife here are grand, and although i have not yet seen bear, i have gotten photos of moose and caribou. Hmmm, i will save those for another post. 

Kasilof Special use area, Sunset Gold on Cook Inlet

Large jellyfish on the beach near Kasilof river mouth.

September frost on autumn leaves

Sunset over Mount Douglas and Cook Inlet

I hope you enjoyed the show!  There will be more in a few days. 

Thanks to all who stop and visit, and i will be making prints available of many of these images!

With love


Help my Willow see a Vet

Willow when he first returned from the wilds

UPDATE:  Willow has now seen the vet, and is eating like a hungry bear in spring. Thank you to those who helped!!

Original Facebook post about Willow coming back:   “It’s a miracle!!! My missing cat Willow, who came to Alaska with me but disappeared about a month ago, showed up at about 3:15 am! I had woken up and open the window to feel the fresh air, and there was a sad loud meow. When I opened the door, in jumped my very starved and skinny cat. He probably ate a full can of cat food and part of a bowl of dry food. I fell to my knees in a prayer of thankfulness and tears while he ate, and then I held him close for a long long time in my arms. now we are cuddled up on the bed and I’ll say good night with a happy heart. #myheartishappy #thankyougod #mycatisback

After being gone for a month in the wilds of Alaska Bush, he is now skin and bones and starving 😿🤒😭but I’m getting him fed and warm and he’s purring in my arms. ❤️❤️He’s maybe half his original weight from a month ago. He will be staying inside now while we’re still in Alaska 😀❤️💕😍. 

However I am very concerned about his fragile body right now and I think he needs to go to the vet possibly for rehydration and other check up.    I’m staying with friends in Alaska for another month and have no income. My friends helped me a lot but they’ve already done so much.  Many of you have followed this saga of missing Willow and were thrilled as I was that he showed up. If any of you feel like donating to a vet fund it would be an incredible gift. 


There are two easy ways to donate through PayPal. One is on this blog using the tip jar donation button in the sidebar menu. On mobile it’s a little tricky to find. Click on the menu tab, scroll down through menu and several posts and you will eventually run into tip jar donation.   You can use a debit or credit card and do not have to be a paypal member. 

Or if you are easily Pay Pal conversant you can send money to:  darlisa.may@gmail.com

Anything is greatly appreciated right now. 


10/13/16  I have spoken to the vets office who suggest since he is eating a little and keeping it down that I just watch him for a couple days and see if he starts getting stronger on his own. I have used donation money to get him special foods and ensure, and he has been eating more today and moving around more. I will still take him into the vet to get a check up but they advised it might be to Traumatic to go right away after just getting home in such a mess.  So I’m making him very comfortable and petting him a lot. 


Here he is as i write. Thank you for any help you can give. 

Willow after returning home all skin and bones

Previous photos of Willow. He has been my little buddy since he was 8 weeks old

Discovering Alaska (from last month. )

The rest of these pictures are taken over the last several years. Willow is about 12 years old

Life’s little whirlwinds

Sometimes when you think you have a handle on life, a whirlwind kicks up and sends you off in a new direction, perhaps a bit tattered and torn, with new scars for show and tell.
In this case, a family death brings a trip to Utah with my older Brother and his daughter. While making preparations for this, my elderly Sister had chest pain and was cold and clammy, so we called 911 and went with her to the hospital where she spent one night. Fortunately she stabilized again, and the upside is that we were able to discharge her directly to a Care Center for a few days while I take the trip to Utah so I won’t be worrying about her safety when I am gone. I was dog sitting and found family to care for the dog and cats as well. Now I just have to go home and pack!

Meanwhile I wanted to share a series of light paintings I have made on my iPhone and iPad. These are from an app called Silk, which is wonderfully soothing and meditative. Hope you enjoy! Our regularly scheduled nature photography will return soon











Also check out the links in the sidebar where you can purchase my fine art prints or visit me on Flickr or Facebook. I do have a few 2014 calendars left for sale, and a few books.

Thank you for your visit!

Pig Bowl 2013

PIG BOWL 2013….September 28th….7pm Wahtonka Football Field….. The Dalles

The pig bowl is an annual Benefit football game between Washington and Oregon law enforcement agencies. This year two families will be helped. In Washington a family in Goldendale whose husband died and the wife and young mothering 2 had back surgery that failed. She is now the sole breadwinner for the family. In Oregon a young man named Donovan has stage four Hodgkin’s disease. He will be going to Seattle for a four month treatment involving bone marrow transplant. You can attend the game in The Dalles for $3 dollars an individual or $10 family. All food being sold at the game was donated and sales will benefit the families.
This is a flag football game, with a twist. Points for both teams may be purchased at the game, or online at www.pigbowl.net Right now Oregon is ahead so come on Washington, $5 gets a point plus an oink sound over the PA system at the game, $25 gets a field goal, and $50 gets a touchdown seven points.
At the game itself there will be a bounce house for the children, displays and information by search and rescue, and other such fun.
GO TEAM!!! In this game both sides win

More Wall Clusters and Splits ideas for Metal, Thinwrap or Canvas images


In a recent post I showed some ideas for Metal or Thin wrap Triptychs for wall displays.  Here are a few more ideas!  this is fun… I really want to do some of these.   I now have a PDF File of ideas with Prices for different Triptych styles and you can access that in my Dropbox here   TRIPTYCH PRICE LIST

For my main price list PLEASE SEE THIS PRICE LIST, which includes prices for Metal, Canvas or Thin Wrap images;  or for paper prints you can order them on my smugmug link in the right sidebar.




(5 total pieces, combined size 24″ x 45″) Available as a single print split into panels, or 5 separate images. (1) 20×24″ and (4) 11.5×11.5″ pieces

MtHoodLennySunset TimelessTriptech
CoralSunset TimelessTriptych
WinterGorge TimelessTriptych


(4 total pieces, combined size 16″ x 34″)  Available as a single print split into panels, or 4 separate images. (1) 16×24″, (1) 11×17″, and (2) 8×12″ pieces

Eagles FormalFourTriptych

firecrackerSunset FormalFourTriptych

StarsStructres FormalFourTriptych

AutumnMaple FormalFourTriptych

MODERN TRIPTYCH    (5 total pieces, combined size 37″ x 58″) consists of (1) 16×20″, (1) 14×14″, (1) 10×10″, (1) 11×14, and (1) 10×30 pieces

GorgeFireworks ModernTriptych

Modern Triptych Fireworks

Filmstrip Triptych

(7 total pieces, combined size 26″x44″) Available as a single print split into panels, or 7 separate images. (1) 26×26” and (6) 8×8″ pieces

LennieSunset Filmstriptriptych

Sunset FilmstripTriptych

GorgeRays FilmstripTriptych


(5 total pieces, combined size 42” x 42”)  Available as a single print split into panels, or 5 separate images,  consisting of (4) 10×31″ and (1) 20×20 ” pieces

Parquet Triptych


STAIRCLIMBER TRIPTYCH  (6 total pieces, combined size 40″ x 66″)  Available as 6 separate images. consists of   (1) 20×32″,    (2) 16×20″, and  (3) 10×10″ pieces



Takhlakh_birds StairclimberTriptych

waterfalls StairclimberTriptych

CLASSIC TRIPTYCH      (4 total pieces, combined size 54″ x 30″)  Available as 3 separate images  consisting of (2) 16×20″, (1) 20×30″ pieces

Takhlakh_waterfalls ClassicTriptych

Takhlakh-Moons ClassicTriptych

Waterfalls ClassicTriptych

PORTRAIT TRIPTYCH Available as a single print split into 3 panels, or 3 separate images.  3 options for the individual  panel size (12×18″, 16×24″, or 24×36″)

winterTrain triptych

GorgeRainbow triptych - Copy ArchesPark8522 triptych - Copy AfterMidnightPano triptych - Copy firecracerSunset triptych - Copy MtAdamsLennie triptych - Copy

PortraitTriptych-sunsets_moon PortraitTriptych-waterfall_mountains

NaturallyFramed PortraitTriptych - Copy