Lenticular Cloud Formations

Many of the best Lenticular and Mountain images seen below can be purchased as prints on my SmugMug site.

Here is the link directly to the Lenny Gallery

Enjoy browsing!


Altocumulus lenticularis. These formations are caused by wave motions in the atmosphere and are frequently seen in mountainous or hilly areas. They are often called wave clouds. They may be triggered off by hills only a few hundred metres high and may extend downwind for over 100 km. The cloud elements form at the windward edge of the cloud and are carried to the downwind edge where they evaporate, as can be seen here. The cloud as a whole is usually stationary or slow moving.


Many of the best Lenticular and Mountain images seen above can be purchased as prints on my SmugMug site.

Here is the link directly to the Lenny Gallery

Enjoy browsing!

My oldest and largest set of Lenticulars is on Flickr in a set called   Lenticular Assortment    (over 270 images).  Flickr is for browsing, not purchasing, and has more of the stories behind the clouds.

Anyone who has been following my work over the last 4 years is well aware of my fascination for these unusual cloud formations, also called Lennies (by ME!); Mountain Wave Clouds, Cap Clouds, Magic Carpets, and … yes, Spaceship Clouds! The area I live and work here in the southern Washington Cascades breeds these ever changing and often brief formations prolifically at times. I should also mention that these clouds, particularly over Mount Adams and Mount Hood, have been in a variety of magazines, calendars, and on local news stations; they have been sold as large framed prints to a local North Shore Medical Clinic in White Salmon and also to private individuals, and have sold by the hundreds as greeting cards. Hope you enjoy my growing collection!
Aurora behind Moonlit Lenticular and Mount Adams

2 thoughts on “Lenticular Cloud Formations

  1. hello Darlisa,
    for us the glider pilots, these wave clouds are a dream..
    they exist because the wind which crosses the mountains.
    The wind goes upwards over the mountains and then down. When the wind goes upwards, the air becomes more cold and then the hum ides particles of air became cloud. When the movements goes down, the cold air becomes hot again and the cloud disappear.
    so we can go into this upwards movement with our glider, and climb like a ascender. It seems to go very high there, I think you can climb until 7000m. Than you can make a lot of km over the compaign.. but when you reach these clouds, its just magique, the colors are beautiful.
    you should try it one day… Thanks you so much for sharing these photos
    Jutta from Colmar, France


    1. Hello Jutta
      thank you so much for your comment! I would love to try that although I don’t have the money for such things now, I dream of being up there like on the wings of an eagle, soaring, feeling the movement of the air whispering and singing under my wings, above all the cares of the world… thank you for your description, it brought a smile to my face!
      Sometimes I watch these clouds off and on all day,, watching them form and then change and grow then disappear.

      Darlisa from Washington State in the Pacific Northwest, and the Columbia River Gorge, USA


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