Swans of Schreiners Farms

I wandered through Schreiners Farm in Dallesport today and admired the many animals living there. This is a collection of two Swans I saw, and later research showed them to be Trumpeter Swans… later I will do posts of Zebra and Camel also.¬† I will post some informational links in comments because I still have not figured out how to make proper links on here!

“Moods of Mount Adams” … a new photo book for sale

My last photo book was such a great success, that I decided to make a new one. This one is all about Mount Adams, and includes a bit of simple text and a lot of lenticular clouds and lake reflections as you can see below.


Photo book “Moods of Mount Adams” size 8 x 11 inches
20 pages hard back with photo wrap

COST: $40.00 (plus $5.00 shipping in US ) plus sales tax if bought or delivered in Washington)

if you would like one of these limited edition specialty books contact me directly at starlisa.black@gmail.com or on facebook (link in sidebar)

My daughter in concert~!

Leannan Sidhe is performing tonight February 19 at the Rendezvous theater in Seattle as one of several acts. I am so proud of her!
By the way… if you have not checked this out yet,
My daughter who sings under the name Leannan Sidhe has her CD of her own original music available on her website , and purchase includes the ability to download the album after paying as well as getting the actual CD,


She also can be downloaded as MP3 singles or the whole album at that link, and also at itunes, cdbaby, and amazon mp3 tunes. Best though if you by directly from her website, it benefits her more.

her concert Sunday is at the Rendezvous Theater, 2322 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98121. Several different performances will be on stage between 6:30 to 9:30 pm and I am not sure what time her performance will be. She has to pre sell 15 tickets to have a choice on time (lacking 1 at this point) and 25 tickets pre sold will guarantee her a return invite. Tickets are $9 in advance or $12 at the door, and you can get them here


you can also watch some of her performances on youtube here

I can’t wait to see her on a big stage on Sunday! !

Lenticular Sunrise in delicious PINK

Mount Adams was glowing so beautifully this morning in the alpenglow even before the sun directly kissed the snow on the peak… thanks to the Dogs I am taking care of I was up earlier enough, and all I had to do was throw on my boots and robe and grab my camera to run out on the deck and catch it… happy day!

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Magic of Water…. necessity of Life

Water is the staff of life… without fresh drinking water we would all die fairly quickly and painfully, and yet our world is busily polluting and otherwise destroying water at an alarming rate.
Did you know the large majority of our body mass is water? We come from water in the mother’s womb, and the water leaves us after we die…

Many cultures and religions have prayer ceremonies that revolve around water… often praying as a group over water that everyone drinks in order to obtain the wondrous blessings. I personally believe that prayers put into the water with all your heart will indeed bring blessings to all who drink. Water used this way can also be Medicine. I also believe that as the waters of this earth are entirely connected Globally through oceans, evaporation, rainfall, snow melt, and spring runoff into streams and rivers back to the Ocean. As I put my hand into a cold mountain stream and say a prayer for those I love or for the world at large, that prayer can benefit others far away as they take a drink of water or wade in a stream or even a shower.

Osprey at Mirror Lake
Osprey at Mirror Lake

I live in a land that seems to have lots of water everywhere… waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and not far away from here the Columbia River runs into the Ocean… we have rain, and snow that melts providing water for the summer..
Nevertheless, I often hear speak of running short on our water supply each summer due to less snow pack and rainfall, more residents, greater drainage and usage. We should have a system pulling irrigation water from the local rivers for all the farms and gardens… but instead we water our lawns and gardens with the good drinking water. One thing that always intrigued me is the fact that we even use good precious drinking water in our toilets to pee into! There is much knowledge out there about Gray water reclaiming, and yet it is not used. The water from showers and laundry can be filtered and channeled into toilets and out into gardens and especially orchards… but it is not done. My deceased husband David Reel did a great deal of design work utilizing gray water reclamation, but we could not actually install all of his ideas at the house we built in Port Townsend back in 1991 because of laws restricting gray water use.

Trout Lake Reflections
Trout Lake Reflections

Water… a many faceted subject.. did you ever think of how water, H2O, consists of 2 hydrogen molecules and one Oxygen molecule combined. Certain conditions can split these molecules apart, and they can recombine to form other substances… including part of our own cells. 2 free oxygen molecules combine to make the oxygen we breathe (O2), and later combine with one Carbon molecule within our body to become Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which we breathe out. Trees and many plants absorb CO2, and put off Oxygen that benefit us. The Oxygen combines again with Hydrogen and becomes water once more.

Water… so complex, so necessary to life in its many forms. Spiritually and physically sustaining, water is critical to our health… how do you treat your water?

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Warm Up Time

Up on a hill near Trout Lake, this morning I woke to the sound of snow melting and dripping off the roof. first time in awhile that it started a day that warm around here! I could see a warm color south near Mount Hood and to the west over the hills, but Mount Adams nearby was socked in and gray clear below treeline. It is also possible that someone farther away could see her poking out of the clouds, but I was too close and under the heavy cover.
I have been enjoying this brief stay back up in Trout Lake, it often seems more like home to me up here than down in White Salmon, perhaps because summers as a kid we spent most of the time up here in the woods and down on the Lewis River… fishing, picking Huckleberries, hunting, and just camping and relaxing. This brings many thoughts to mind, a realization of how much I am like my parents this way…. when I feel unstable in any way in life, I head for the hills to find healing. Nowadays my camera is my hunting tool, and helps me record those magical moments of light and life; to help bring healing to others as well.

Ok, I am meandering in thought, so I will just leave you with a few photos  to smile about

Happy Weekend everyone!

There was some lovely color south of me around Mount Hood this morning, and a lovely Lenny blanket wrapped over her shoulders… no photo, too far to do it justice from here in Trout Lake. Mount Adams was hiding under a roiling undulating cloud with no color but intriguing shapes. Still freezing cold up here, with piles of frozen snow but no new snow as of yet. Today I have to head to Battleground for a class for caregiving, with others driving so no photography today!
Thank heavens for friends I tell myself daily…..

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