Fall color, 2014 and from the Archives

Pure and simple… a gallery of many fall color images; some I just took and some I am rediscovering in the archives.
My recent show at the Library is over and done, although a glass case display remains through October.  On October 14 I will be installing many new images on metal at Mugs Coffee in Bingen, WA for the Fall season, a few from this gallery along with others will be on display.

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Bingen Sunset

This image is from a recent evening, a lovely thunderhead to the East down the Columbia River Gorge from Bingen, Washington.  Later that night, about 1:00 am pacific time, there was lightning and thunder rolling through the area quickly and a nice refreshing and much needed downpour, briefly.


Dickey Farms Delight

Along with many other kids in town from my generation, my first summer job was picking beans at Dickey Farms in Bingen, Washington. Hard work, yes, but so rewarding to have a little of our own money for an occasional treat or to help buy our own clothes for school. Now, as a photographer whose notecards are sold by the counter at Dickey’s Farm Store, it can be a joy to be led by the light into the fields when all is quiet on the Farm. This week was one of those days, and I loved every minute of it as light danced through and around the Hot caps, looking like soldiers tents marching across the fields in an orderly fashion.

The images here are linked to my photo galleries, and clicking on most of them will take you to corresponding images in the galleries.

This first image is from a year ago up near the store at the west end of Bingen, right along Highway 14.


These next couple images are from last November 2013

Road into Mystery

Road into Mystery




And now we come to this week’s Hot Cap Adventures!   Starting out with a few shots of Dickey’s Farm Store.




No Farm is complete without a Tractor!!


In the spring when frost is still always a possibility here in the Gorge, armies of tender plants take refuge under the hot caps until danger is past.










Calm Morning on the Columbia River at the National Fish Hatchery

My nephew called me this morning with a heads up about lovely sunlight coming under the fog on the Columbia near The mouth of the White Salmon River. Being the night Owl that I am, I was not yet ready for the day. I threw on my clothes, grabbed my camera, and drove down the hill to explore. While I did get a few intriguing fog shots with my big camera, this post is all iPhone shots from a little later in the morning I wandered on down to the Spring Creek national fish hatchery just west of the White Salmon River, and found some lovely reflections.

A little bit about the local fish hatcheries: there are three of America’s national fish hatcheries in our area along the Columbia River. Carson national fish hatchery roughly 20 miles to the west on the Wind River; the Little White Salmon/Willard national fish hatchery complex roughly 8 miles west on the Little White Salmon River; and this one in Underwood near the mouth of the White Salmon River.

By the way, the fall Chinook Salmon babies are swimming around in the pool getting strong enough to make their journey to the ocean. They’re so bright and shiny, a joy to watch. I stared, mesmerized, at their TV screen displaying the underwater antics of the tiny fish. I learned there is a very large population expected to return to the Little White Salmon fish hatchery this year
The area around this local hatchery is a beautiful place to visit. Not only is the visitor center itself a beautiful place, but there is a park along the road into the center that is heavily used by windsurfers seasonally, and is very empty this time of year and peaceful. Today the river was amazingly calm with clouds and sun coming and going. I was blessed with a phone call from my daughter in Seattle and she kept me company as I took pictures.

As I said earlier all these pictures are from the iPhone 4S using primarily the ProHDR app for shooting, and the Snapseed App, and the A+ signature app for processing. This entire post was shot, written, designed and posted at The Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery, a place worth visiting.

I hope you enjoy! I certainly enjoyed creating this for you
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From Calm Serenity to Wild Weather, that is the Gorge!

Looking for the perfect March image for my calendar led me to this image.  I am amazed I never processed this!  Actually there are several, but only this one processed for now so I could get it in the calendar.  This is a very rare moment in the Columbia River Gorge, with this big old river so calm and reflective.  Peaceful easy feeling.

Usually the weather in the Gorge is more boisterous.  These Lenticular clouds on November 15 led me down to the river where the light was coming and going.  Lenticulars, or wave clouds, are often an indicator of a change in the weather, and we see them fairly often in the Cascade Mountain Range.

Most of these images link to their printable versions on Smugmug now, just click on the images.  They can be purchased any size.  If you are interested in in metal prints, canvas, or thinwrap styles, talk to me directly via email at starlisa.black@gmail.com

Wild and Wooly Grand Lennies over Dickey Farms in Bingen November 15, 2013

Wild and Wooly Grand Lennies over Dickey Farms in Bingen November 15, 2013

These are more photos taken the same day down at Dickey Farms in Bingen, Washington.  Dickey’s is a family farm spanning generations, and their hard work created rich bottomland gardens and green space that help keep the area beautiful and provides healthy local produce for so many. They have a lovely storefront along highway 14, with many wonderful gift items and unusual foods as well as their own fresh produce. A bakery in the store puts out pastries both sweet and savory daily.  They also carry my photo cards!


Barn at the edge of Bingen, and orchards on Dickey Farm


Looking at Bingen across the Farm


Windy Farm Roads on Dickey Farms


Dike Road


Roads along a dike that protects Dickey Farm from the Columbia River

Road into Mystery

Road into Mystery


Rare Moment in the Columbia Gorge

Support the Amazing Photographers who Bring you Joy!

It’s a beautiful world…

Sleeping Beauty with Cirrus uncinus clouds

Sleeping Beauty with Cirrus uncinus clouds

Thank you to all the amazing photographers out there on the internet these days who put themselves in challenging and awkward situations to bring you an amazing view of this beautiful world. It has been such a pleasure getting to know and often learn from so many incredible photographers here in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.  People like Rebecca Lynn Latson in Texas who writes articles for National Parks Magazine now, or Gary Randall near Mount Hood, Oregon,  Janice Lorentz  in Portland area,  Patricia Thomas of Clear Vision Photography,  Gregory Pepion in Portland , Don Briggs in Tacoma, Larry Andreasen in Tillamook, to name just a very few of the amazing photographers I know personally.  I would have to fill the whole page if I tried to list everyone!  Maybe someday I will try to make a post with all the photographers I love.

Thank you to those who take time to look and share the beautiful photos so many photographers work very hard to capture. Many of us photographers do have websites and sell our work and the purchase of even a small print or card from these photographers can make the difference in having gas to go get more images, and food to eat on the journey, and money to pay the bills. Some of us find our peace in Nature, and work hard to bring that back to share with you. Some have other jobs, some rely on the income they can earn from this talent and skill that has been developed over time. YOU CAN MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in the lives of those whose work you admire by remembering to always give them credit when sharing their work on social media sites, and  by purchasing examples of their work. Remember photographers when you are shopping for presents for your loved ones, share the beauty of nature!

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Trout Lake and Beyond photo book





2014 calendar

I am still working on the calendar for 2014 and watch here for a new link coming soon!  email me if you want on the list for the calendar, it will be similar to the 2013 but with photos from this year. I will also make some without the small images in the day squares.

2013 Calendar



Pacific Northwest photo book #1

Capture book cover


Moods of Mount Adams photo book

Moods of Mount Adams_cover


Recently I have been designing wall clusters of my best images, either in splits like this Maple leaf image, or in clusters of different images creating a theme.  They can be on Metal prints, Thinwrap or canvas, and can cover a large wall area for less money than a single print the same size.

Metal Prints have been the rage this last couple years, with more of my images being purchased on metal than any other medium.  They seem to glow with the light, are waterproof, scratch resistant, hold their color beautifully for years, and can last for generations.  I am hooked and so are many of my customers!



#17  Formal Four Split Autumn Vine Maple leafAutumnMaple FormalFourTriptych


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Current Events in February

Oh how I love Lenticulars! Yes, if you look over in the sidebar there is a menu link to Lenticular Clouds, a whole gallery of them spanning 6 years.    ALSO please look at the bottom of  this post for current information about my Gallery Shows!

February 11, 2013 Lenticular over Mount Hood

February 11, 2013
Lenticular over Mount Hood

at the same time this morning this is the view down the Gorge from White Salmon

View over Hood River Bridge and down the Columbia River Gorge Feb 11, 2013

View over Hood River Bridge and down the Columbia River Gorge Feb 11, 2013

a couple early February mornings (like Sunday the 10th for instance) there was morning hard frost in White Salmon, WA, and last week i took this frost shot in Odell

Frost on a sunny morning in Odell, Oregon early February

Frost on a sunny morning in Odell, Oregon early February


Stop on by Skyline Hospital in White Salmon,  Washington and enjoy my Gallery Show hanging on their wall until the end of February, just around the corner from the Front Desk.

IMG_4873 IMG_4870 IMG_4868


White Salmon Library will be hosting my show for the month of March, in the Sprint Baker Block Building.  I will be there to talk about my images, and answer any questions.  Come tell me about your favorite places you think should be photographed!

March 9, 2013 will be the Artist Opening, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, complete with snacks and live music by my daughter, the singer/songwriter  Leannan Sidhe.

You can also take a look at my books and calendars while you are there… I will have a display of items for sale, as well as CD’s of my original music by Leannan Sidhe.

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