Mountains and Stars

Sunday drives go back a long way in our family, so on March 8, 2015 early evening I headed out up the hill toward Glenwood.  I remembered a road someone had told me about to a new viewpoint, and found a lovely little spot to view Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge and all of Camas Prairie from a new perspective. Here are  a couple shots from that spot of Mount Adams. I also took a few star shots from Trout Lake on my way home, after visiting my brother and sister-in-law.

MtAdams_0161 MtAdams_Conboy_0258 stars-Orion-0288 stars-Orion-0290



Glenwood, Washington is about to be swamped by 2000 bicyclists Sunday, September 6, and town will be buzzing all day with riders, booths, Native artist ready to share drawings, my photography, Indian Tacos, Music and more.  A Tent City is being set up to house the riders overnight with their own view of Mount Adams.  This is a Cycle Oregon event, with a side trip overnight into Washington before heading back south into Oregon, part of a 7 day ride mostly in Oregon.

I will be setting up a small booth, but mostly I want to get out and get photos of the event!

Here are a few new photos of the Glenwood area, including Conboy Lake Wildlife Refuge, some Sandhill Cranes,

Also a reminder, if you are local, stop by the Library Tuesday night Sept 9 for the open house 6:00-9:00 PM














The Whitcomb-Cole Hewn Log House

The Whitcomb-Cole Hewn Log House at Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Glenwood, Washington.

I am working on some projects involving old homes and barns, which fascinate me, and thought I would share this new image with you.  This is The Whitcomb-Cole Hewn Log House near refuge headquarters at Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Glenwood, Washington.  Later on I will share many more images inside and out.

You can learn more about this cabin and where it is located on this webpage  


The Whitcomb-Cole Hewn Log House at Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Glenwood, Washington.

The Whitcomb-Cole Hewn Log House

Bird Festival at Conboy!

Young Bull Elk with really long spikes, with Golden light just before sunset. Right along the BZ-Glenwood Highway not far from town.
Herd of Elk with Golden light just before sunset. Right along the BZ-Glenwood Highway not far from town.

Herd of Elk with Golden light just before sunset. Right along the BZ-Glenwood Highway not far from town.

Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge, with the only known colony of nesting pairs of Sandhill Cranes in Washington State, is hosting a Bird Festival on Saturday April 26, 2014, in conjunction with the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum.  The Discovery Center will be on site with their Raptors for a demo, and there will be many activities for children and adults both.  If you pre register before Saturday there will be a catered lunch available with your all day entry fee.  Elk Herds are all over the Glenwood Valley area in and around Conboy, and approaching birthing season.



Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge Click on this photo to go to the Conboy Govt. website for more information

Saturday Night Sunset Chase

After another beautiful day on February 22 with Lennies over the Gorge and puffy white clouds in blue sky, I made an impulsive decision at sunset to drive north towards Glenwood. I started a little later than I should, and made it to the edge of Conboy Lake national wildlife refuge just at the peak of sunset on lenticular clouds over the valley. The sunset Panorama in the featured image is four vertical shots stitched in Photoshop. The blue-and-white shots are at this point just iPhone shots as I have not yet processed more then these two sunset shots from my big camera. After sunset I made a loop through Trout lake to see my brother Roger and sil Connie, and then a stop in Husum to read bedtime stories to some of my great nieces. What a great way to tie up my evening! Then on home to process a couple pictures and watch some of the Olympic skaters and skiers with my sister before helping her to bed.





Wandering through Fall with Friends at Conboy Wildlife Refuge

Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge is lovely any time of year, with widely changing terrain as a large area floods and dries out in cycles.  Large herds of Elk wander the refuge, and flocks of migrating birds make it an annual stop along the route.

Greg-Glenwood-3731 Lynn_Conboy-3780

Here is a great news article from 2011 about conboy and its history and cycles.  

The Home Page for Conboy by the department of Fish and Wildlife is a lovely interactive experience with many things to learn.

Aspens_ConboyFall-3744 Aspens_ConboyFall-3749 Aspens_ConboyFall-3753 Aspens_ConboyFall-3761 Aspens_ConboyFall-3762

I will be loading some of the best images up onto my Smug Mug Galleries soon, so check back later I will repost this with the links.  Are there any that really speak to you?  Let me know!

LarchTrees_Conboy-3715 MtAdams_ConboyFall-3773 MtAdams_ConboyFall-3774 LarchTrees_Conboy-3723 LarchTrees_Conboy-7469 OldGold_Glenwood_3828


This world is such an amazing place.

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