Thus Dreams the Heart

Sweetly dreams the wayward child, As Love surrounds their sleeping form. Journey on through night so mild, Unfolds a world so soft and warm. Dancing clouds delight the eye, Swimming high above the Bay. The child laughs and wonders why, Then joins in flight and joyous play! ~Starlisa Black 19 August 2019

LIfe is an everchanging Process

heartfelt words of the search for the Light in our lives and helping others. Reflective of my thoughts today… with photos from a wonderful drive with my daughter in early August 2014

Wind, Sun, and Gratitude

Wind, Sun, and Gratitude Letting the winds of Life dance around me like whirling Dervishes, my roots reach deep into the earth’s mysteries and songs, while my arms, like branches, reach with joy into the sun filled heavens above. Longing swims the same channels through my veins as Gratitude, connecting the heavens above and earthContinue reading “Wind, Sun, and Gratitude”