Firefighters offer Ways to Help.

“When you want to help…. In a time of crisis people naturally want to reach out and help.  We appreciate those efforts and have a few suggestions for you to consider. Most appreciated by firefighters: ●       Thank you notes and banners ●       Donations to local recovery efforts ●       Donations to Wildland Firefighter Foundation: Other ideas: ●       Join or support yourContinue reading “Firefighters offer Ways to Help.”

Stronger than Cancer part 2

UPDATE 5/10/18: Last night Erica and her mother were interviewed for KGW Channel 8 by Christine Pitawanich/KGW. The interview was aired on the late evening news. Meanwhile on another front, our local Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce executive director had emailed her connection with the Seahawks, Mike Flood. Mike replied saying they can’t really sendContinue reading “Stronger than Cancer part 2”

Thank you for your Help!

Many of you have seen my GoFundMe campaign by now, and I will be picking up my car today I think.  The generosity and kindness of friends, family and strangers has been overwhelmingly positive, and I am filled with gratitude. the photo, taken this month in Glenwood, Washington, will take you to my campaign pageContinue reading “Thank you for your Help!”

Help my Willow see a Vet

  UPDATE:  Willow has now seen the vet, and is eating like a hungry bear in spring. Thank you to those who helped!! Original Facebook post about Willow coming back:   “It’s a miracle!!! My missing cat Willow, who came to Alaska with me but disappeared about a month ago, showed up at about 3:15Continue reading “Help my Willow see a Vet”

A WILD RIDE! Art For Oso photography auction fundraiser,

Art For Oso photography auction fundraiser #530slidephotographyauction We are on round 2 of a Facebook based Photography Auction Fundraiser to benefit the mudslide recovery process in Oso and Darrington, Washington.  This fast growing grassroots event started by Justin Kraemer on Facebook, has grown to a group of over 850 in a few days with otherContinue reading “A WILD RIDE! Art For Oso photography auction fundraiser,”

Meandering Visions of Joyous Solidarity, and Appreciation for Helpful Hints.

NOW if you just want to skip to the stuff about where is the Art For Oso fundraiser auction and gorgeous photos you can bid on, slide on down the page to the link section.  🙂  I won’t be offended if you skip my ramblings This has been an incredible grassroots explosion of caring, thanksContinue reading “Meandering Visions of Joyous Solidarity, and Appreciation for Helpful Hints.”