Power of Nature

This last week we have had some amazing sunsets and thunderstorms. and I was lucky enough to get some images that made me dance.  These are all from Oregon and Washington near the Columbia River, White Salmon and Hood River.

July 21 was amazing when the sky blew up in all directions.  On Facebook I have seen so many amazing images from that sunset in many places in the PNW, and of course the smoke from so many fires certainly add color to the sunsets.  The color cannot all be blamed on  the smoke however, as we get these colors occasionally year around.

Sunset Galore_0105




These next 3 images are also on my Smugmug site in the best print gallery.  You can see them large in high resolution by clicking on the images.  They will open in a new tab.

Sunset Galore2_0175-2

Sunset over White Salmon July21. This image can be seen large by clicking on the image where it will open in a new tab in my galleries page.

Sunset Galore-Pano_0154-2

Sunset over White Salmon July21. This image can be seen large by clicking on the image where it will open in a new tab in my galleries page.

Mt-Hood with wild sky action_0107-2

Sunset over Mount Hood July21. This image can be seen large by clicking on the image where it will open in a new tab in my galleries page.


Sunset Galore-MtHood-Twilight_0224-2

this image was taken at the end of twilight, long after most visible sunset glow had faded. Using a 30 second exposure, we are able to see the remnants of color more strongly.



As if all that beauty was not enough, July 22 was an amazing Thunderstorm traveling north from Oregon up through Washington along the Cascades.  These next images are from that evening, and the cloud photos all have faces that are remarkable.



The upper cloud is where the face is as shown in the previous post, and the clouds below looming over the hills east of Hood River, Oregon are the thunderheads that become the storm shown with lightning below.

These next two storm photos at sunset are available for purchase and can be seen large by clicking on the photos.  They will show up in a new tab on your browser.

This image was shared over 2000 times on facebook recently, and most people were commenting on the face they could see.  Taken from the West side of Hood River looking South East, the storm cell was spinning clockwise over the Valley while moving slowly North.   This shot was taken near the end of sunset.  I took hundreds, but this is the only one processed at this point.

This image was shared over 2000 times on facebook recently, and most people were commenting on the face they could see. Taken from the West side of Hood River looking South East, the storm cell was spinning clockwise over the Valley while moving slowly North. This shot was taken near the end of sunset. I took hundreds, but this is the only one processed at this point.


During that amazing sunset and storm, Mount Hood was still visible.  High resolution image can be seen larger by clicking on this photo.  It will open in a new tab on your browser.

During that amazing sunset and storm, Mount Hood was still visible. High resolution image can be seen larger by clicking on this photo. It will open in a new tab on your browser.




On a Roll with the January Sunsets!

Tonight January 4th we had another lovely sunset in the PNW, and again I caught just the tail end going into twilight from White Salmon, Washington.  Here are tonight’s images!  Click on the image to see it bigger on my photo sharing site.  The previous post was another sunset in the Gorge on January 2, 2014.  It is already a good year!


PinkGorgeSunset_1493 PinkGorgeSunset_1495



also regarding my calendars this year… I am out of both Mount Adams and The Gorge, but I still have desk Calendar and Fire Calendars.  You can see more about those and my coffee table books here, just click on the photo below:

Fire Calendar January

Fire Calendar January

The Sunset that blew away the Northwest

Series of images:  I only caught the tail end of this surprise that happened after the sunset itself seemed to be over on January 2, 2014.  These first two are my own, and they link to my photo site on SmugMug



Both were taken from the edge of White Salmon, Washington looking West down the Columbia River Gorge


this next one is from a Cape Kiwanda/Pacific City  Webcam at the Oregon Coast that night



Click Here:::  THIS IMAGE IS MY FAVORITE!!!  ON FACEBOOK  by Sherylita Mason Cruise


YOu can also see this sunset in a video here on KGW  http://www.kgw.com/video?id=238535671&sec=547977&ref=articlevidmod


KOIN 6 News also posted a huge gallery collection of images from January 2, the first killer sunset this year! Just Click on this link to see the gallery on Koin 6

This is a slideshow on Fox 12 News that included a great shot by another photographer in my area, Linda Steider

This next image was taken by Gary Randall of Mount Hood, and clicking on the link takes you to see  Gary’s Flickr post of the most amazing sunset on nearby Mount Hood with Lenticular clouds 

Fox 12 has a lovely slideshow of images sent in to the news that night  You can see the slideshow on this link to Fox 12


I just sold out of the Gorge area calendars, but I have one calendar each of Mount Adams, and Barns and Buildings, plus a handful of Desk calendars and Fire Calendars.

Fire Calendar  February

Fire Calendar February page.  Click on the image to see details on all the calendars and books

Support the Amazing Photographers who Bring you Joy!

It’s a beautiful world…

Sleeping Beauty with Cirrus uncinus clouds

Sleeping Beauty with Cirrus uncinus clouds

Thank you to all the amazing photographers out there on the internet these days who put themselves in challenging and awkward situations to bring you an amazing view of this beautiful world. It has been such a pleasure getting to know and often learn from so many incredible photographers here in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.  People like Rebecca Lynn Latson in Texas who writes articles for National Parks Magazine now, or Gary Randall near Mount Hood, Oregon,  Janice Lorentz  in Portland area,  Patricia Thomas of Clear Vision Photography,  Gregory Pepion in Portland , Don Briggs in Tacoma, Larry Andreasen in Tillamook, to name just a very few of the amazing photographers I know personally.  I would have to fill the whole page if I tried to list everyone!  Maybe someday I will try to make a post with all the photographers I love.

Thank you to those who take time to look and share the beautiful photos so many photographers work very hard to capture. Many of us photographers do have websites and sell our work and the purchase of even a small print or card from these photographers can make the difference in having gas to go get more images, and food to eat on the journey, and money to pay the bills. Some of us find our peace in Nature, and work hard to bring that back to share with you. Some have other jobs, some rely on the income they can earn from this talent and skill that has been developed over time. YOU CAN MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in the lives of those whose work you admire by remembering to always give them credit when sharing their work on social media sites, and  by purchasing examples of their work. Remember photographers when you are shopping for presents for your loved ones, share the beauty of nature!

here are a few of the products I have created to sell


Trout Lake and Beyond photo book





2014 calendar

I am still working on the calendar for 2014 and watch here for a new link coming soon!  email me if you want on the list for the calendar, it will be similar to the 2013 but with photos from this year. I will also make some without the small images in the day squares.

2013 Calendar



Pacific Northwest photo book #1

Capture book cover


Moods of Mount Adams photo book

Moods of Mount Adams_cover


Recently I have been designing wall clusters of my best images, either in splits like this Maple leaf image, or in clusters of different images creating a theme.  They can be on Metal prints, Thinwrap or canvas, and can cover a large wall area for less money than a single print the same size.

Metal Prints have been the rage this last couple years, with more of my images being purchased on metal than any other medium.  They seem to glow with the light, are waterproof, scratch resistant, hold their color beautifully for years, and can last for generations.  I am hooked and so are many of my customers!



#17  Formal Four Split Autumn Vine Maple leafAutumnMaple FormalFourTriptych


For paper prints alone, you can order many different images in many sizes here by clicking on this image.



Handmade 5″ x 7″ Photo notecards can be purchased locally at Artisan’s Jewelry and Gallery, in White Salmon; and in Heavenly Grounds in Trout Lake; as well as Dickey Farms in Bingen,Washington.  In the summer I can often be found at the Trout Lake Saturday market with my new photo books, calendars, cards and prints.  Here is another link for a PDF brochure about Trout Lake, in Klickitat County, WA.

You can also request an assortment of cards by requesting a theme set such as Columbia Gorge, Mount Adams, Trout Lake and Beyond, Mount Hood, Flowers, Animals and Birds, Lenticular Clouds, Atmospheric Optics, Rainbows,  contact me  via email at starlisa.black@gmail.com

Notecard packs are  6 cards with envelopes for $20  or   10 cards for $30


Thank you!  be sure to go tell your favorite photographers thank you, there are so many of us!  We are all over Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, 500px, Smugmug, Pinterest and many more.  Remember to use share buttons that link back to the original photographer,  and encourage people to click on the photos and give credit to the photographers.  Holidays are coming, remember us for your shopping needs!

More Wall Clusters and Splits ideas for Metal, Thinwrap or Canvas images


In a recent post I showed some ideas for Metal or Thin wrap Triptychs for wall displays.  Here are a few more ideas!  this is fun… I really want to do some of these.   I now have a PDF File of ideas with Prices for different Triptych styles and you can access that in my Dropbox here   TRIPTYCH PRICE LIST

For my main price list PLEASE SEE THIS PRICE LIST, which includes prices for Metal, Canvas or Thin Wrap images;  or for paper prints you can order them on my smugmug link in the right sidebar.




(5 total pieces, combined size 24″ x 45″) Available as a single print split into panels, or 5 separate images. (1) 20×24″ and (4) 11.5×11.5″ pieces

MtHoodLennySunset TimelessTriptech
CoralSunset TimelessTriptych
WinterGorge TimelessTriptych


(4 total pieces, combined size 16″ x 34″)  Available as a single print split into panels, or 4 separate images. (1) 16×24″, (1) 11×17″, and (2) 8×12″ pieces

Eagles FormalFourTriptych

firecrackerSunset FormalFourTriptych

StarsStructres FormalFourTriptych

AutumnMaple FormalFourTriptych

MODERN TRIPTYCH    (5 total pieces, combined size 37″ x 58″) consists of (1) 16×20″, (1) 14×14″, (1) 10×10″, (1) 11×14, and (1) 10×30 pieces

GorgeFireworks ModernTriptych

Modern Triptych Fireworks

Filmstrip Triptych

(7 total pieces, combined size 26″x44″) Available as a single print split into panels, or 7 separate images. (1) 26×26” and (6) 8×8″ pieces

LennieSunset Filmstriptriptych

Sunset FilmstripTriptych

GorgeRays FilmstripTriptych


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Parquet Triptych


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Takhlakh_birds StairclimberTriptych

waterfalls StairclimberTriptych

CLASSIC TRIPTYCH      (4 total pieces, combined size 54″ x 30″)  Available as 3 separate images  consisting of (2) 16×20″, (1) 20×30″ pieces

Takhlakh_waterfalls ClassicTriptych

Takhlakh-Moons ClassicTriptych

Waterfalls ClassicTriptych

PORTRAIT TRIPTYCH Available as a single print split into 3 panels, or 3 separate images.  3 options for the individual  panel size (12×18″, 16×24″, or 24×36″)

winterTrain triptych

GorgeRainbow triptych - Copy ArchesPark8522 triptych - Copy AfterMidnightPano triptych - Copy firecracerSunset triptych - Copy MtAdamsLennie triptych - Copy

PortraitTriptych-sunsets_moon PortraitTriptych-waterfall_mountains

NaturallyFramed PortraitTriptych - Copy

Views along the Climber’s Trail on Mount Adams

Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0785

One of my favorite places on Earth is up on the South Eastern Alpine slopes of Mount Adams in Bird Creek Meadows.  Part of Tract D, this area was part of the original Mount Adams WIlderness that was returned to the Yakama Nation in 1972 as per original Treaty of 1855.  More information on that story can be found here on the website for the

Yakama Nation Mt. Adams Recreation Area

Also you can find DIRECTIONS to Bird Creek Meadows below in the comments.

Recently I made the hike up the Climber’s Trail from the parking lot for Bird Creek Meadows, about a mile past Mirror Lake.  This is a steep rocky trail, about a Mile up to Hellroaring Viewpoint where it becomes a crossroad where you can continue upwards on the Sunrise Trail to a high altitude camp on the East side of Mount Adams, on Yakama lands (which does require a back country camping permit from the pay station at the parking lot) .   Here are a few scenes from Climber’s Trail:

midday light through the forest can be inspiring and uplifting.


Coming through the woods I startled a Blue Grouse




Along the way in late summer are many brilliant blue  Mountain Bog Gentian wildflowers, mingled among mountain Huckleberries, Corn Lilies, and other plants that turn red, orange and yellow.  Hoverflies and Bees and Butterflies flit about in the meadows.

ClimbersTrail-Gentian-WM-0559 ClimbersTrail-Gentian-WM-0558


Mountain Bog Gentian by Starlisa Black Photography

IMG_3205 IMG_3208

Rock formations along the way can be fascinating


_MG_0678 _MG_0659 _MG_0720 _MG_0723

Climbing further up out of the forest, the trail winds along the ridge to the southwest of Hellroaring Meadows and Bench Lake and opens up to increased views of the surrounding  land, and many fascinating tree skeletons that get ever more fanciful as a person hikes up the sunrise trail to treeline.


Mount Adams begins to show her face as the trees become sparse in this higher altitude.


while looking to the Northeast you can see the red rock Little Mount Adams


IMG_3203 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3130

in the distance you can see Bench Lake down below Little Mount Adams.

ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3132 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3149


Looking far below you can see Bench Lake shining like a jewel among trees that looks sadly damaged from the infestation of Pine Bark Beetle or Spruce Bud Worm.  Bench Lake has a 41 site campground and is favored among fishermen and boaters, with a 3 mile loop trail down into Hellroaring Creek from the Lake.

_MG_0736 _MG_0732

This is a view on another day from Bench Lake towards Mount Adams


While from the Trail Mount Adams peeks through the trees


IMG_3161 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3153 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3161

And a DIstant view of Hellroaring Falls pouring down off the Mazama Glacier and a little hidden Tarn (lake)


Soon the trail winds out into the open on a ledge overlooking Mount Adams, the Sunrise Trail, Hellroaring Falls and Meadows, Glaciers, and sometimes herds of Mountain Goats.

ClimbersTrail-views_0768 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3160 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3152 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3165


While I was hiking I could hear loud echoing SNAP and rumble of an avalanche or slide , or perhaps a crevasse opening up.  I can see several new cracks and such from this hot weather.

Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0754

This Rock formation is called the Castle

Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0755 Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0757 Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0758

At this Viewpoint you can also choose to take the trail  0.8 miles down through the meadows to connect with the top of a  loop trail through Bird Creek Meadows.  This Loop is just over a mile in total length,  connecting on the bottom end with the #9 Round the Mountain Trail.  Take a left turn to travel back to the Parking Lot.

Here are some scenes along that upper Meadows trail and the Viewpoint Trail

HellroaringView_trail_0779 Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0783 Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0785 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3194 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3195 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3196 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3197

Not long below this stream, you run into the #9 trail, and it is about 3/4 -1 mile back to the Parking Lot and downhill all the way.  If you want a longer hike, there are several more possibilities, that include Crooked Creek Falls on the 100 trail, or more waterfalls and a lake on Bluff Lake Trail, both of which end at Bird Lake and can be done as another loop.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation, and please take time to check out my links in the sidebar for my books and such… I am working on 2014 Calendars and will be doing some presales on those, so email me at starlisa.black@gmail.com if you are interested in knowing more.  When they are finished, I will post an album showing the pages of the calendars.

I also recently came out with the 3rd edition of my Trout Lake and Beyond Book, 12 x 12 with 4 new pages of this years Aurora photos and others. They would make wonderful Christmas Presents!

Bird Creek Meadows is Blossoming

Bear Grass has such intriguing blossoms, and they are thick this year! These images were all taken July 3, 2013.  Many of the lower blossoms are faded now July 12, but higher up the road there are still many flowers to enjoy.  There are also cute Critters.

Deer_MirrorLake-3 Deer_MirrorLk-2

We also get some lovely sunsets… this one is at Mirror Lake near the entry station.


This is taken up by the  entry  gate to Bench Lake and  Bird Creek Meadows on the SW side of  Mount Adams… and that gate opened for the season July 8, 2013. Monday Morning early! The area is managed by the Yakama Tribe, and is part of what they call Tract D. A $5 entry fee is good for vehicle and passengers, for 5 days. Several trails climb up into the Alpine Meadows and while there may still be snow in patches it is leaving fast. Ask the rangers for a trail map.
If you choose to camp in the park, it is $10 a night still (in addition to the entry fee) and that includes 12 pieces of firewood. There is also a fishing fee, seems like maybe $5 for 3 days but not positive there. Rangers live onsite in trailers, and have been known to rescue people who get lost and such.
The road in is rough, and has been known to eat small car oil pans, however I have seen many low clearance cars do just fine if they pay attention and drive slowly. Mosquitoes can be fierce so be prepared with repellent. Also remember to drink plenty of water and use a hat or sunscreen.
There are 3 lakes with campsites around them, Mirror Lake, Bird Lake, Bench Lake. Also a lovely lake up the trails called Bluff Lake. However there is no camping anywhere except designated lake campsites and Sunrise Camp up on Mount Adams. That requires its own registration.
The lakes are stocked occasionally with huge high altitude trout.


Bird Creek Falls by the entrance gate

A Heart for you

If you ever see cows on the trails notify the Rangers please! They will notify the ranchers who will bring horses up and cow dogs to chase them out.




Also my show at Skyline Hospital in White Salmon is now on display in the main corridor, and it is peaceful and very cool in this entry area of the Hospital on a hot busy day

IMG_0609 IMG_0610

as well as more images down the hall into the old part of the hospital in the Visiting Doctors waiting room. Still more of my photographs hang in the North Shore Clinic  across the parking lot from the hospital.
Saturday Markets have started in Trout Lake, and I will be selling books, cards and some prints there. Please see my CONTACT and ABOUT page in the links to the right for more information.  To purchase prints and view more galleries click on that sunset rays image that says PURCHASE PRINTS 😉

You can also contact me directly for orders at starlisa.black@gmail.com

thank you for the visit!