Frozen Fishermen

I took this series of photos from the sand bar at the mouth of the White Salmon River this last Monday when temps hovered around 18 degrees F before factoring in wind factor.  I not sure who was the craziest, this man and child, or me, the crazy photographer!  🙂

Any opinions on the best fishing boat shots?

And now for the crazy photographer!  Here are some selfies I took showing my well layered attire and to show that I know how to stay warm 🙂


Fishermen and Trains on the Klickitat


I have been slipping up again lately making new posts!  Life has been full, with fall colors and lenticular clouds and historic train rides, so hopefully I can share more of those with you soon.

These are all taken in Lyle, Washington, from the Bridge whose shadow you see in the first image.  Here at the mouth of the wild untamed Klickitat River where it runs into the Columbia River, life has always been about fishing… for many thousands of years before Europeans came to America.  Salmon are the lifeblood of the local natives, who still fish along the rivers with dip nets and boats with nets.  Now, the boats that cluster around the mouths of the rivers are more often non natives, as there are different seasons for both groups.

Klickitat_fishing-3336-1 Klickitat_fishing-3347-3 Klickitat_fishing-3367-4 Klickitat_fishing-3368-5  Klickitat_fishing-3371-8 Klickitat_fishing-3374-9 Klickitat_fishing-3375-10





Osprey are amazing fishermen, and with the Eagles follow the Salmon and Steelhead runs



And just for fun an image from 2011 looking down from Fisher Hill bridge a couple miles up the river.