Onwards and Upwards

One day at a time…. onwards and upwards… and this is a good day full of beauty! If your head is hanging down and you are sitting in a dark room feeling down, step outside in the sun or rain, and take a deeeeeeep breath in, look up and around, study the spring signs poppingContinue reading “Onwards and Upwards”

Gentle Splash of Spring

Pause, look around you, breathe in the delicious smells swirling through the Spring air as flowers pop open faster and faster everyday.  Color begins to paint the countryside and city gardens, forgotten flowers untended suddenly make their age old appearance on a cycle all their own, catching us by surprise and bringing gasps of delight.Continue reading “Gentle Splash of Spring”

Wildflower season in the High Mountains

Several recent journeys took me into the mountains, mostly around Mount Adams at Bird Creek Meadows where I love to play. I also made a quick side trip to Sunrise Point on Mount Rainer as I came through the back ways home from Seattle, caught sunrise and a few wildflower shots! I need to getContinue reading “Wildflower season in the High Mountains”