Thank you for your Help!

Many of you have seen my GoFundMe campaign by now, and I will be picking up my car today I think.  The generosity and kindness of friends, family and strangers has been overwhelmingly positive, and I am filled with gratitude.

the photo, taken this month in Glenwood, Washington, will take you to my campaign page on GoFundMe if you want to help out with licencing, winter tires, and insurance now!  I have the costs of the vehicle covered.  The link will open in a new window or tab in your browser.

Thank you again!  Check out my photography on smugmug by going to Menu on this page, and clicking on Photo Galleries.


Heart of Buddha

“He who experiences
The unity of life
Sees himself in all beings, and
All beings in himself.
He looks on everything
with an impartial eye. ”
~from “Heart of a Buddha”

Aurora from my Alaska trip this last Fall.


Aurora from Lower Kenai Peninsula

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If you are feeling like you would like to give something back if you enjoy my photos,  you can contact me about ordering a print or you can also use the tip jar donate button in the sidebar on this blog.

Chasing the Light

I entered a photo contest today…. really the first one ever! For some reason that has been a step forward that has been hard for me, whether that is due to lack of confidence in my work or some personal mental issue with making changes. It took on an epic feeling, and I prepared for this for a month, contemplating and practicing. The process of choosing became an exercise in really looking at my work for this last year and finding my best images, gathering them together in one place, images of light, with unique qualities. Once I finally submitted my five images, I felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders, like I broke through a barrier holding me back!

Meanwhile, I am in the middle of a gallery show at Ten Speed North (our local coffee shop) in White Salmon, Washington; I have a SECOND gallery show lined up July 20 at the Inn of the White Salmon; AND a show in March at the local White Salmon Library!

Here for your viewing pleasure are 24 of the best images in a slideshow. Only 5 of these made the final cut for Chasing the Light photo contest.

Whether I actually win this contest or not, I have already won in my mind, by taking that step forward and entering. The rest is dessert…
I thank so many for helping me get to this point; my daughter for her help and encouragement and endless love; my adopted brother Larry and my friends Don Briggs and Jaap Cost Buddhe for their great encouragement and support; my friends and family and community for being amazed with me at the incredible moments of beauty all around us and actually believing in me enough to buy my books, calendars and cards and even large prints to make it all worth while