Journey into Heart and Memories

A quick trip (with my brother Boyce and his sweet wife Kathy) to northern Utah for the funeral of a much loved older cousin became for me a journey full of memories from childhood mixed with meeting some amazing and wonderful new people.  I had been told there would be no time to stop for photos, so many of these were taken at full speed going down the road while my brother drove.  We saw some gorgeous fall colors, and I always love the red rock country.  At this point I just have time for a quick check in and wanted to leave you with some visuals from along the way.  More will come after I get home!


Into Idaho:

Idaho-Juniper-7449 Idaho-seedheads-7450

and finally UTAH:


AND MOUNT CARMEL, where my mother grew up and saw this view every day!  the first one was driving by on the way down, the second and third were a sunrise climb up the hill behind Aunt Mary’s house.

We got to spend one night at my Aunt Mary’s who somehow got a lot older in the years since I saw her… and she lives in the tiny town of Mount Carmel, Utah, where my Mother grew up on the family farm along the highway.  The old home built by Grandpa Hyrum Stevens, where he and Grandma Mabel May  raised their 11 children.  Mom was the middle of the batch and was a good milker of cows, often borrowing her brothers overalls to ride the horse out to take lunch to her brothers watching the cattle.

The white cone in all three photos is Sugar Knoll, and mom talked about climbing that knob.

SugarKnoll_7586Utah-SugarKnoll-sunrise-7708 Utah-SugarKnoll-sunrise-7812


Views on the road to Arches National Park

Road to Arches National Park

I have been sifting through some of my older images and thought I would just share some from the journey I took in April when I went to my Aunt Leora’s funeral with a side trip to Arches for 3 days.  I spent an evening shooting around Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

2013 Temple Square 075-10

SLCTempleSquare-056-10 SLC-Temple_7437 SLCTemple- 076


After that I borrowed my wonderful cousin’s car and drove south and east from Salt Lake across through some amazing country to Arches National Park.   Here are some scenes along the road

RoadToArches_7590-1 RoadToArches_7601-3 Road to Arches National Park


I drove into Arches at sunset and the rocks were glowing brilliantly red

Arches red rocks



And the rich dark night was full of stars as I gazed in joy from near Balanced Rock

Arches_BalancedRock_7670-3 Arches Balanced Rock



The next morning brought Mammatus Clouds around my little campsite on a backroad

Arches Mammatus clouds


That morning I wandered on over to Balanced Rock again to catch some cool clouds there



Arches Balanced Rock




I had fun hiking one morning for sunrise up to the viewpoint overlooking Delicate Arch from farther away

Arches Delicate Arch



and along that trail were some lovely Indian Paintbrush

Arches Indian Paintbrush



Throughout the next few days I wandered somewhat aimlessly led by the light here and there around the park

ArchesNP_8474-web ArchesNP_DPtrails_8408-web ArchesNP_DPtrails_8476-web



Arches National Park

Arches Pine Tree Arch

IMG_7744 IMG_7893 IMG_7667 IMG_7679 IMG_7704 IMG_7748 IMG_7749 IMG_7752 IMG_7754 IMG_7846 IMG_7847


Some of these are iPhone shots, some are from my DSLR.


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Gratefully Home From My Adventures

I just got back from a week in Utah. I will do a longer post soon with more photos but will give you the brief highlights here. I was able with the help of others to go to my aunts funeral and visit with family. I also made a three-day trip To Arches National Park which was wonderful. Coming home we had a Vehicle malfunction in Pendleton, Oregon, however we made it on home by midnight with the help of AAA and friends and family.