Sunset in Glenwood

On my way back from the woods Wednesday evening, i witnessed this wonderful sunset over Mount Adams, from Glenwood, WA.


Soft, Springy Earth

“What a joy it is

to feel the soft, springy

earth under my feet once more,

to follow grassy roads

that lead

to ferny brooks

where I can bathe my fingers

in a cataract of rippling


~ Helen Keller

Catherine Creek Earth Day

My journey continue today after the previous post with a walk at Catherine Creek. It was truly so pleasant, and I took the opportunity to play in the grass quite frequently :-). I felt such a peaceful simple joy laying in the grass, in the sunshine.


Frosty morning in Trout Lake

First time in awhile, i actually got up early before sunrise and ran out with my camera! Felt so good, too. ❤️😀❤️Although i sm sure my fingers wete on the edge of frostbite again. 🤪⛄️. Watched the moon setting, and the glorious new day shine on sparkly snow. Light shining into the darkest crevices of the soul cleaning out some winter cobwebs. Life is good!!

Here are a few phone pics for now. I am crossing my fingers that the camera card that suddenly told me i needed to format it will still be able to be downloaded. That moon over Trout Creek was soooo pretty.

Enjoy! Hope your day is full of happy moments of beauty and kindness.

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Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

For the “Super Blood Moon” event I went with my friend Gary up on Dalles Mountain in hopes of seeing more of the moon coming over the horizon. In hindsite, I am not certain that was quite the case, but it was still a lovely night. Many people were out on the roads last night flocking to favorite locations in hopes of getting “the shot” or seeing what may for some of us be a once in a lifetime experience.
Having watched several lunar eclipses over the years, still it was really different seeing the moon become eclipsed as it was rising over distant hills as the sun set and twilight came on.
Here are a few images, each with its own time stamp. Hope you enjoy!










As the Brilliant Reds Faded from the Sky…

…A warm happy light painted the landscape and sky, more gentle yet just as profound as the fiery colors a short time earlier. I was on a drive-about, the first one on my own in over a week, and this time of year I wish I could be out there on the road in random directions almost daily!
My journey today took me up Highway 14 to the Maryhill loops road, but I got there too late to drive the old Loops road during the two hours it was open this year. I wandered down by Stonehenge Memorial, then up the hill to Goldendale where I stopped by the Observatory and visited awhile. Taking random back roads I discovered an old meeting house of some sort, took portraits of some lovely cows in golden light, captured a small Lennie and a sundog over Mount Hood, and caught this amazing sunset and alpenglow as I started down the windy Glenwood road to where it crosses the Klickitat River. Heading on up the other side, I stopped briefly at the Glenwood store long after dark. Stopping again at the Rodeo grounds, and out came the camera one more time to shoot a dance event at the community building there and the stars and Lenny over Mount Adams behind the building. Tired and happy, I continued the drive on into Trout Lake to say goodnight to Roger and Connie before picking up some fresh raw cows milk from the Land of Milk and Honey Dairy Farm and heading on down Highway 141 to home in White Salmon. This was a good day, much needed time chasing light and enjoying the evening air.

Brilliance of Sunset

Brilliance of Sunset

Lenticulars and Sunset July 3, 2014

Seemingly all over the Pacific Northwest on July 3, the sunset lit up the sky with wonderful wild fire colors.  Prior to that over Mount Hood and Mount Adams, and continuing downwind to the East of White Salmon, WA, long strings of Altocumulus lenticularis clouds stacked up in clusters running primarily North and South across the Columbia River Gorge.  This set of images was all taken in the late evening of that day, from above White Salmon. Below at the bottom of the post are some links regarding lenticular clouds, weather, and atmospheric optics.

As I drove through White Salmon, Washington there were streamers overhead, and long stacks of lenticular plates building up along the ridges East of town.


July3_sunset_lennies_twilight-9319 July3_sunset_lennies_twilight-9320 July3_sunset_lennies_twilight-9321 July3_sunset_lennies_twilight-9323 July3_sunset_lennies_twilight-9327 July3_sunset_lennies_twilight-9335

_MG_9350 _MG_9371

Later in the Evening as I was coming down Snowden road, the sky caught on fire after I thought it was going to fizzle (yes, I should have known better! )  I was not in the best location overall, but I am still tickled with some images I captured.

_MG_9466 _MG_9468 _MG_9473 _MG_9484 _MG_9493 _MG_9496 _MG_9498 _MG_9502 _MG_9530 July3_sunset_lennies_twilight-9252 July3_Sunset_lenticular_9250 July3_Sunset_lenticular_9253 July3_Sunset_lenticular_9507 July3_Sunset_Moon_9247 July3_Sunset_Moon_9248 July3_Sunset_MtHood_9245-2 July3_Sunset_WS_9524

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The Cloud Appreciation Society

Lenticular Clouds on Wikipedia 

My Lenticular cloud photos on SmugMug (also can be found via the Galleries link in the sidebar on this page)

Even larger collection of Lennies on Flickr (these are all mine as well)


Remarkable collection of weather, cloud and optics links

My favorite Atmospheric Optics site,

another remarkable informational page about Weather 


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Mount Adams Bicycle Tour coming up soon

Click on the photo to go to the website and learn more details!

Click on the photo to go to the website and learn more details!


Also see my previous post for photos of the Ketchum Kalf Rodeo in Glenwood, Washington!

Ketchum Kalf Rodeo

Here is what I have processed so far… there will be many more!  If you are one of the riders in any event, you can contact me in the contact form below and I will send you the small size images for facebook and email for free.  I will be able to get you prints as well, of most any size.  My main price list is in the menu links in the right sidebar, but here is a Rodeo Special:  8×10″ prints $15  for Rodeo participants, and $10 if you are willing to let me use your images for magazine submissions, Klickitat County tourism, and in my books or calendars.

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Adventures on the Bickleton Highway

I had a sudden and rare opportunity to be gone overnight on May 27,  so I threw my bed in the truck with a cooler and other assorted necessities, grabbed all my camera gear and hit the road going east.  A sweet lady in Glenwood told me how beautiful the road to Bickleton from Goldendale, Washington was this time of year, and suggested  the east county should be in my repertoire (and sweetened the pot with some gas money!) so off I ran in the afternoon that day.  Coming home again by 10:30 pm on the 28th, my cards all full and my batteries all empty, I had around 40 GB of new images to download and process!  Here are a few, and for now I need to get back to some other projects for people, but you will be seeing more from here over time.  Enjoy!

To get to this area, head to Goldendale on Highway 97.  Coming north on 97 from the Columbia Gorge, go to the second main exit for Goldendale and turn left.  Go approximately 1-2 blocks and turn left on a small road with a green sign for Bickleton, right before Amy’s Attic on the left.  Gas up before you leave Goldendale though… it is 35 miles to Bickleton and the next gas station!

This batch of images is all from the 28th after I woke up in my truck off on some little side road.

Along the road I found masses of Lupines in hidden places off side roads

Along the road I found masses of Lupines in hidden places off side roads

As I drove along,  this big thunderhead began to build in the NE sky.



You know me and my clouds… soon i was really looking around for special things to put under the clouds for photos!


Coming around the corner suddenly the road drops off the plateau and switchbacks rapidly down into Rock Creek Canyon, crosses the creek, and just as rapidly climbs again back to the next plateau.

Coming around the corner suddenly the road drops off the plateau and switchbacks rapidly down into Rock Creek Canyon, crosses the creek, and just as rapidly climbs again back to the next plateau.

Through the Rock Creek Canyon on Bickleton Highway

Through the Rock Creek Canyon on Bickleton Highway

Eventually I made it to Bickleton itself, immediately after the rain and hail hit town leaving the roads wet and shiny.  I had a wonderful Salmon burger and salad at the Bluebird Inn, and Melba, the owner, was really fun to talk with.  I learned that this place is well known in the area for its Burgers especially… and while I was there a couple had lunch after driving over from Goldendale.  I also learned there is a great photographer who owns the Market and cafe across the street, but sadly for me it was closed on Wednesdays, so I shall have to return here another day!  There is a Carousel museum in town as well, and bluebird houses and bluebird trail maps AND bluebirds everywhere!

Bickleton_BluebirdCafe-4783 Bickleton_BluebirdCafe-4779 Bickleton_BluebirdCafe-4777 Bickleton_BluebirdCafe-4776 Bickleton_BluebirdCafe-4784

Melba also told me about the lovely old church in town (more images of the outside will come along later), and about a driveway with lovely flowers further up the road.

BickletonChurch_4888 BickletonChurch_4880










There are a good many more untold stories from this one day, and they will have to wait for another post another day, but I just could not wait to share these with you now!   Hope you enjoy as well.  This last image from Wednesday was taken along Dot road, which heads south from the Bickleton Highway out of Cleveland just west of Bickleton.  This is one of about 3 routes a person can take back down to the Columbia River, and it was a lovely drive through the windmill farms and then a drop down through a canyon to a section of Old Highway 8, which then takes you to Highway 14 near Roosevelt, Washington.


Thank you for your time, and feel free to click on the images… many of the best ones will take you to my gallery page where the prints will be available for purchase, while the stuctural shots of the Bluebird and the church will simply take you to an attachment page on this blog.

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