Moonset over Trout Creek

Early Dawn on March 3, 2018, I was up early (for a change! ) and got to see the full moon setting right in the V of Trout Lake Creek at one of my favorite photo taking spots.  Fingers ached with deep nearly frostbite pain, but my heart was a singing strong!



Lunar Rainbow, 12:30 AM

I got to see and photograph my first large Lunar Rainbow, or Moonbow and it was exciting!  I am adding all the shots I took so you can see the progression.  at the end I am adding a website that is superb for looking up information on all sorts of Atmospheric Optics.


Here is the link for the Atmospheric Optics website “Atoptics”


I am rather fascinated with all such optics, and my collection is growing!  My Flickr Set for Atmospheric Optics



and I have a few calendars left at this point, mostly the new Desk calendars

but a few of the others as well  Click on this image to see all the choices

Desk Calendar September

Desk Calendar September


Magical Kingdom of Aurora

Magical Kingdom of Aurora

Last night I got transported into a magical Kingdome of the Far Away land of Aurora where silence fills the void, but the silence is rich with the deep eternal song of the universe…
a land where frozen snow is on the shady side of lake where I am but not on the side I am shooting… a land where peaceful bird and elk sounds weave a lullaby, where coyotes yap their nightly song, where Elk swim the lake to get to the good grazing, and Loons sing their haunting melody… a land where the cold air smells fresh and nourishing, where a person can sit in the snow for hours watching the skies until 3:00 am and see no one and feel safe and at peace.

Magical colors filled the air briefly behind the Moonlit Mount Adams, and under the massive Lenticular Clouds that have lingered for hours. Streaks of rising Aurora stemming from an ancient Sun dance beside the regal Volcano

Breathe deep of the mystery, take it all in through your pores to feed the cells of your body and nourish your soul…

Yes, I saw the Aurora Borealis on a small scale behind the Lenticular clouds swimming over Trout Lake, Washington and I was thrilled as I lounged on a frozen snowbank after midnight waiting for a long exposure shot… BLISS I tell ya!

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Midnight Lenticular with Mount Adams and Aurora