LIfe is an everchanging Process

No matter what life throws our way

we can overcome


and even move forward.  

At times the moments can be full of shadows

and hurt, 

but go around that next corner

and the LIght returns

to brighten your 


What we do with that light

is up to each of us.

We can hide it in our proverbial closets

and try to keep it all for ourselves…. 

but it slips away. 

We can shine the light out from 

our hearts

for others to find their way, 

and it returns 


Our choice.  Move

Forward into that LIght!  Let it fill the hearts of others

so that they may shine for you 

in dark times.

Together, spirits shining, move 

Forward into that Light, 


Give Thanks.

     ~darlisa black August 16, 2014

Road to Mount Rainer

Road to Mount Rainer


Mount Rainer National Park

Starlisa Black Photography

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Starlisa Black Photography:  The Photographer, Darlisa Black, at Christine Falls

Early this summer i was able to make a one day journey along the southern route through Mount Rainer National Park. The mountain hid her face most of the day, finally peeking through the clouds as I was on the last leg of the journey. Throughout the day, in mist and fog, I was entranced by the little roadside vignettes in green forest dress, and stopped many times to breathe in the rich air and absorb the beauty. Thank you for sharing it with me!

These are taken at Christine Falls in the park

Christine Falls at Mount Rainer National Park

Ruby Falls near the road to Paradise was a treasure on that dayMtRainer_waterfall-7820-Edit-1

The next four are different shots of Narada Falls, which was nearly too large to catch with my 28 mm maximum size option.  The spray was so very intense it was  a struggle to get any shots at all of this falls, but it was a joy to stand there and feel the power of this mountain expressed through the tremendous glacial run off and snowmelt.

Narada Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

Narada Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

Narada Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

THis last of of Narada shows the top of the Falls from near the road
Narada Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

This lovely little jewel was along the trail down to Narada Falls
along the Creek above Narada Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

I almost missed this one alongside the road in to the park, small and elegant.


A passing motorist offered to catch my picture with my phone in this rare moment of the day when the Mountain showed her face.

Starlisa Black Photography

Ancient Cedars and other old growth trees abound in the park, and I love to meditate on the changing world this tree witnessed in its lifetime.


Thanks to the heavy moisture and rainfall of the western slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington and Oregon, the lush rich undergrowth of ferns and wildflowers and moss draped maples is legendary.


another roadside stop featured this lovely seasonal stream that created a waterfall over the roots of the ancient tree. Tree-Waterfall_MountRainer_7644

Mount Rainer in a brief clearing in the stormy weather.

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Wildflower season in the High Mountains

Several recent journeys took me into the mountains, mostly around Mount Adams at Bird Creek Meadows where I love to play. I also made a quick side trip to Sunrise Point on Mount Rainer as I came through the back ways home from Seattle, caught sunrise and a few wildflower shots! I need to get back up there badly. Hope you enjoy the results!

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