June Sunset in the Gorge

Recently I was treated to an amazing sunset over the Columbia River Gorge in White Salmon, Washington.  I drove to the top of a hill, met some new friends, and fell in love all over again with clouds and wind in my hair on a hill top as day deepened into twilight.  Do you know that feeling?  If not, find yourself out there somewhere, by a river, on a hilltop, in a desert.  Watch past the sunset, watch for the fading light, the appearance of first planets and stars… and just breathe it all in with Gratitude.

For anyone who misses my more regular posts, I have no internet at home and it has been challenging to get somewhere with everything to post, when I do pop on internet, I have so many things to catch up on I get very little done!

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Glenwood Aurora

This gallery contains 15 photos.

While the majority of my aurora shots have been from Trout Lake side of Mount Adams, I found this series of shots in my archives that had been forgotten, from Glenwood, WA.  June 1, 2013  Mount Adams still features strongly.  The first two shots were of something I have not experienced any other time; and […]

High Prairie Sunset

My friend invited me up to her birthday barbeque on High Prairie today, and I took a photo of her goose while I was there.  Then, on the way back down the hill home, I caught these sunset images from Sunday night, last day of May 2015.  These are processed minimally, I wanted to just share as soon as possible.

HIghPrairie-Goose-9610 HIghPrairieMammatus-9612 HIghPrairieMammatus-web-9611 HighPrairie-sunset_9642 HighPrairie-sunset_9653 HIghPrairie-sunset-9693

January Fog Days

These shots are all from January 24, 2014, a sunny day but with lingering fog that returned at sunset.  There will be more from this day!

Mount Hood from near Bingen, WA

Mount Hood from near Bingen, WA

Iridescent clouds

Iridescent clouds

Iridescence on clouds over Columbia

Iridescence on clouds over Columbia

Fog and Hood River Lights over Columbia River

Fog and Hood River Lights over Columbia River

Intriguing Clouds over Mount Hood and Mount Adams

Mount Hood with Lenticular clouds

Lately I have been randomly dropping into older files from the last couple years looking for treasures that had been forgotten.  Here are a few of Lennies (my name for lenticular clouds) over Mount Hood and some interesting fluffy wannabe lennies over Mount Adams.  Judging from the rest of the day, the clouds over Mount Adams probably were more distinctly lenticular in form a bit earlier in the day.

All images except the vertical shot are also links to the corresponding image on Smugmug.

This first one, same as the featured one, was shot from White Salmon, Washington,  looking south into Oregon.

Mount Hood with Lenticular clouds



These next three are all of Mount Adams taken from Hood River, Oregon looking north into Washington


Mount Adams from Hood River


Mount Adams close up from Hood River


Mount Adams and the Columbia River from Hood River, Oregon


More information on Lenticular cloud formations:

Altocumulus lenticularis. These formations are caused by wave motions in the atmosphere and are frequently seen in mountainous or hilly areas. They are often called wave clouds. They may be triggered off by hills only a few hundred metres high and may extend downwind for over 100 km. The cloud elements form at the windward edge of the cloud and are carried to the downwind edge where they evaporate, as can be seen here. The cloud as a whole is usually stationary or slow moving.

You can view a very large set of Lenticular Cloud images here on my Flickr site, just click on this link

Lenticular Cloud Set on Flickr       These Flickr images most often have the story of the event with the photos.

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“My Lennies” on SmugMug.

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Under the Storm Cell on Mount Hood

Under the Storm Cell on Mount Hood
© Darlisa Black

I always did love this shot looking up at a passing storm cell from up at Timberline… such wild and wooly weather these mountains create around themselves. Normally I am seeing the Hood from far away in White Salmon, Washington, watching the clouds dance around the peak or bury her completely. This is one of the many faces of Mount Hood from my last post

This Friday evening September 20, 2013, from 5-8 pm at North Shore Cafe in White Salmon there will be a Trunk show with several artisans displaying our wares (yes, including me). If you are on facebook you can learn more here www.facebook.com/events/507564742652029/ They will also be open for business with their usual goodies and juices, coffee and snacks

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Views along the Climber’s Trail on Mount Adams

Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0785

One of my favorite places on Earth is up on the South Eastern Alpine slopes of Mount Adams in Bird Creek Meadows.  Part of Tract D, this area was part of the original Mount Adams WIlderness that was returned to the Yakama Nation in 1972 as per original Treaty of 1855.  More information on that story can be found here on the website for the

Yakama Nation Mt. Adams Recreation Area

Also you can find DIRECTIONS to Bird Creek Meadows below in the comments.

Recently I made the hike up the Climber’s Trail from the parking lot for Bird Creek Meadows, about a mile past Mirror Lake.  This is a steep rocky trail, about a Mile up to Hellroaring Viewpoint where it becomes a crossroad where you can continue upwards on the Sunrise Trail to a high altitude camp on the East side of Mount Adams, on Yakama lands (which does require a back country camping permit from the pay station at the parking lot) .   Here are a few scenes from Climber’s Trail:

midday light through the forest can be inspiring and uplifting.


Coming through the woods I startled a Blue Grouse




Along the way in late summer are many brilliant blue  Mountain Bog Gentian wildflowers, mingled among mountain Huckleberries, Corn Lilies, and other plants that turn red, orange and yellow.  Hoverflies and Bees and Butterflies flit about in the meadows.

ClimbersTrail-Gentian-WM-0559 ClimbersTrail-Gentian-WM-0558


Mountain Bog Gentian by Starlisa Black Photography

IMG_3205 IMG_3208

Rock formations along the way can be fascinating


_MG_0678 _MG_0659 _MG_0720 _MG_0723

Climbing further up out of the forest, the trail winds along the ridge to the southwest of Hellroaring Meadows and Bench Lake and opens up to increased views of the surrounding  land, and many fascinating tree skeletons that get ever more fanciful as a person hikes up the sunrise trail to treeline.


Mount Adams begins to show her face as the trees become sparse in this higher altitude.


while looking to the Northeast you can see the red rock Little Mount Adams


IMG_3203 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3130

in the distance you can see Bench Lake down below Little Mount Adams.

ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3132 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3149


Looking far below you can see Bench Lake shining like a jewel among trees that looks sadly damaged from the infestation of Pine Bark Beetle or Spruce Bud Worm.  Bench Lake has a 41 site campground and is favored among fishermen and boaters, with a 3 mile loop trail down into Hellroaring Creek from the Lake.

_MG_0736 _MG_0732

This is a view on another day from Bench Lake towards Mount Adams


While from the Trail Mount Adams peeks through the trees


IMG_3161 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3153 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3161

And a DIstant view of Hellroaring Falls pouring down off the Mazama Glacier and a little hidden Tarn (lake)


Soon the trail winds out into the open on a ledge overlooking Mount Adams, the Sunrise Trail, Hellroaring Falls and Meadows, Glaciers, and sometimes herds of Mountain Goats.

ClimbersTrail-views_0768 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3160 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3152 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3165


While I was hiking I could hear loud echoing SNAP and rumble of an avalanche or slide , or perhaps a crevasse opening up.  I can see several new cracks and such from this hot weather.

Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0754

This Rock formation is called the Castle

Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0755 Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0757 Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0758

At this Viewpoint you can also choose to take the trail  0.8 miles down through the meadows to connect with the top of a  loop trail through Bird Creek Meadows.  This Loop is just over a mile in total length,  connecting on the bottom end with the #9 Round the Mountain Trail.  Take a left turn to travel back to the Parking Lot.

Here are some scenes along that upper Meadows trail and the Viewpoint Trail

HellroaringView_trail_0779 Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0783 Mount Adams Hellroaring Trail_0785 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3194 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3195 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3196 ClimbersTrail-iPhone-3197

Not long below this stream, you run into the #9 trail, and it is about 3/4 -1 mile back to the Parking Lot and downhill all the way.  If you want a longer hike, there are several more possibilities, that include Crooked Creek Falls on the 100 trail, or more waterfalls and a lake on Bluff Lake Trail, both of which end at Bird Lake and can be done as another loop.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation, and please take time to check out my links in the sidebar for my books and such… I am working on 2014 Calendars and will be doing some presales on those, so email me at starlisa.black@gmail.com if you are interested in knowing more.  When they are finished, I will post an album showing the pages of the calendars.

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Mount Rainer National Park

Starlisa Black Photography

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Starlisa Black Photography:  The Photographer, Darlisa Black, at Christine Falls

Early this summer i was able to make a one day journey along the southern route through Mount Rainer National Park. The mountain hid her face most of the day, finally peeking through the clouds as I was on the last leg of the journey. Throughout the day, in mist and fog, I was entranced by the little roadside vignettes in green forest dress, and stopped many times to breathe in the rich air and absorb the beauty. Thank you for sharing it with me!

These are taken at Christine Falls in the park

Christine Falls at Mount Rainer National Park

Ruby Falls near the road to Paradise was a treasure on that dayMtRainer_waterfall-7820-Edit-1

The next four are different shots of Narada Falls, which was nearly too large to catch with my 28 mm maximum size option.  The spray was so very intense it was  a struggle to get any shots at all of this falls, but it was a joy to stand there and feel the power of this mountain expressed through the tremendous glacial run off and snowmelt.

Narada Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

Narada Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

Narada Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

THis last of of Narada shows the top of the Falls from near the road
Narada Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

This lovely little jewel was along the trail down to Narada Falls
along the Creek above Narada Falls, Mount Rainer National Park

I almost missed this one alongside the road in to the park, small and elegant.


A passing motorist offered to catch my picture with my phone in this rare moment of the day when the Mountain showed her face.

Starlisa Black Photography

Ancient Cedars and other old growth trees abound in the park, and I love to meditate on the changing world this tree witnessed in its lifetime.


Thanks to the heavy moisture and rainfall of the western slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington and Oregon, the lush rich undergrowth of ferns and wildflowers and moss draped maples is legendary.


another roadside stop featured this lovely seasonal stream that created a waterfall over the roots of the ancient tree. Tree-Waterfall_MountRainer_7644

Mount Rainer in a brief clearing in the stormy weather.

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After much learning I finally am opening
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Magical Kingdom of Aurora

Magical Kingdom of Aurora

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Current Events in February

Oh how I love Lenticulars! Yes, if you look over in the sidebar there is a menu link to Lenticular Clouds, a whole gallery of them spanning 6 years.    ALSO please look at the bottom of  this post for current information about my Gallery Shows!

February 11, 2013 Lenticular over Mount Hood

February 11, 2013
Lenticular over Mount Hood

at the same time this morning this is the view down the Gorge from White Salmon

View over Hood River Bridge and down the Columbia River Gorge Feb 11, 2013

View over Hood River Bridge and down the Columbia River Gorge Feb 11, 2013

a couple early February mornings (like Sunday the 10th for instance) there was morning hard frost in White Salmon, WA, and last week i took this frost shot in Odell

Frost on a sunny morning in Odell, Oregon early February

Frost on a sunny morning in Odell, Oregon early February


Stop on by Skyline Hospital in White Salmon,  Washington and enjoy my Gallery Show hanging on their wall until the end of February, just around the corner from the Front Desk.

IMG_4873 IMG_4870 IMG_4868


White Salmon Library will be hosting my show for the month of March, in the Sprint Baker Block Building.  I will be there to talk about my images, and answer any questions.  Come tell me about your favorite places you think should be photographed!

March 9, 2013 will be the Artist Opening, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, complete with snacks and live music by my daughter, the singer/songwriter  Leannan Sidhe.

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