2012 Photojourney BOOK

My newest book is out, consisting of many of my best images from late 2011 to late 2012 (plus a few extra bests thrown in from previous years).

This colorful 8 x 8 inch book consists of 26 pages plus full size photos on front and back cover, and tells a seasonal story of the last year for this part of southern Washington and northern Oregon including bits from the Columbia River Gorge. Also included are photos from Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount Rainer, and Mount St. Helens, as well as Fire photos from this years local wildfires.

Price: $42.00 Shipping and Handling $6.00
Contact me at starlisa.black@gmail.com or on here to make an order. I am now able to take paypal, debit, and credit over the phone; chec or checks and cash via male at

Starlisa Black Photography
P.O. Box 190
Husum, WA 98623


I have a few Calendars and Photo Books still available

I Calendar Cover…
This collection represents all the images in my 2012 calendar… I have just purchased 9 more calendars that will be in around the middle of January. You can take this calendar home with you for $17.00 plus tax if you are in Washington, and $5.00 shipping if you need it mailed to you. I do take PayPal at darlisa.may@gmail.com, as well as checks and cash. Message me on Facebook to make an order or over at my email, starlisa.black@gmail.com

you can see all the photos by clicking on this facebook page link
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.240965729308456.57752.148702668534763&type=1 for the calendar or on this link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.232518983486464.56245.148702668534763&type=1

for the photo book!