Winter Cards Sale

I have a winter set of 5 x 7″ notecards available as random assortment or handpicked selection. These are printed directly as color copies of a PDF file, onto a glossy coverstock paper using a high quality printer, and were quite popular recently at the Trout Lake Christmas Bazaar!
PRICE: 10 pack with envelopes for $25 or 6 for $15
I can take payment via paypal, debit/ credit, or check.

Include shipping and handling of $5 (or $7 for larger orders of 20 or more) and tax on Washington orders.

Two options:

1. Order a random set and I will pick out the number of cards you want for you ;
2. Give me a list of card numbers and how many of each in an email to (at) gmail (dot) com or on facebook message at . Include your email, and I can send you an invoice which you can pay with paypal, or credit/debit cards; or send a check to

Darlisa Black
P.O. Box 854,

White Salmon, WA, 98672

These cards have no writing inside, but on the back there is a fair amount of information on what and where, and in some cases a bit of history and other tidbits about our area. I intentionally left them as generic winter cards primarily because I have a wide range of friends and fans on many religious and non religious paths in life and I like to honor individual choice.


New Cup Ideas, feedback anyone?

I am debating about getting a handful of these cups while they are on sale.  Question is, would anyone actually pay $25 for a ceramic mug like this?  Seems too much to me, honestly, but I might order a few to find out.

I would love feedback on this.

From Fire to Ice, Returning to the Klickitat River

I recently posted about my Fire calendar, and now I finally processed more of last weeks Ice extravaganza.  There are previous ice posts as well/

These images are from December 10 when the area was hovering above and below 0 deg F for awhile.  Highly unusual and amazing… even the birds were confused.

Click on an Image and then use the arrows to scroll through larger images. 

Thank you for looking, and consider taking a look at my books and calendars here:

a page out of the new 4th edition of the Trout Lake and Beyond coffee table book.  Click on the image to learn more about all my photo products.

a page out of the new 4th edition of the Trout Lake and Beyond coffee table book. Click on the image to learn more about all my photo products.

Support the Amazing Photographers who Bring you Joy!

It’s a beautiful world…

Sleeping Beauty with Cirrus uncinus clouds

Sleeping Beauty with Cirrus uncinus clouds

Thank you to all the amazing photographers out there on the internet these days who put themselves in challenging and awkward situations to bring you an amazing view of this beautiful world. It has been such a pleasure getting to know and often learn from so many incredible photographers here in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.  People like Rebecca Lynn Latson in Texas who writes articles for National Parks Magazine now, or Gary Randall near Mount Hood, Oregon,  Janice Lorentz  in Portland area,  Patricia Thomas of Clear Vision Photography,  Gregory Pepion in Portland , Don Briggs in Tacoma, Larry Andreasen in Tillamook, to name just a very few of the amazing photographers I know personally.  I would have to fill the whole page if I tried to list everyone!  Maybe someday I will try to make a post with all the photographers I love.

Thank you to those who take time to look and share the beautiful photos so many photographers work very hard to capture. Many of us photographers do have websites and sell our work and the purchase of even a small print or card from these photographers can make the difference in having gas to go get more images, and food to eat on the journey, and money to pay the bills. Some of us find our peace in Nature, and work hard to bring that back to share with you. Some have other jobs, some rely on the income they can earn from this talent and skill that has been developed over time. YOU CAN MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in the lives of those whose work you admire by remembering to always give them credit when sharing their work on social media sites, and  by purchasing examples of their work. Remember photographers when you are shopping for presents for your loved ones, share the beauty of nature!

here are a few of the products I have created to sell


Trout Lake and Beyond photo book





2014 calendar

I am still working on the calendar for 2014 and watch here for a new link coming soon!  email me if you want on the list for the calendar, it will be similar to the 2013 but with photos from this year. I will also make some without the small images in the day squares.

2013 Calendar



Pacific Northwest photo book #1

Capture book cover


Moods of Mount Adams photo book

Moods of Mount Adams_cover


Recently I have been designing wall clusters of my best images, either in splits like this Maple leaf image, or in clusters of different images creating a theme.  They can be on Metal prints, Thinwrap or canvas, and can cover a large wall area for less money than a single print the same size.

Metal Prints have been the rage this last couple years, with more of my images being purchased on metal than any other medium.  They seem to glow with the light, are waterproof, scratch resistant, hold their color beautifully for years, and can last for generations.  I am hooked and so are many of my customers!



#17  Formal Four Split Autumn Vine Maple leafAutumnMaple FormalFourTriptych


For paper prints alone, you can order many different images in many sizes here by clicking on this image.



Handmade 5″ x 7″ Photo notecards can be purchased locally at Artisan’s Jewelry and Gallery, in White Salmon; and in Heavenly Grounds in Trout Lake; as well as Dickey Farms in Bingen,Washington.  In the summer I can often be found at the Trout Lake Saturday market with my new photo books, calendars, cards and prints.  Here is another link for a PDF brochure about Trout Lake, in Klickitat County, WA.

You can also request an assortment of cards by requesting a theme set such as Columbia Gorge, Mount Adams, Trout Lake and Beyond, Mount Hood, Flowers, Animals and Birds, Lenticular Clouds, Atmospheric Optics, Rainbows,  contact me  via email at

Notecard packs are  6 cards with envelopes for $20  or   10 cards for $30


Thank you!  be sure to go tell your favorite photographers thank you, there are so many of us!  We are all over Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, 500px, Smugmug, Pinterest and many more.  Remember to use share buttons that link back to the original photographer,  and encourage people to click on the photos and give credit to the photographers.  Holidays are coming, remember us for your shopping needs!

Finally! A SmugMug Storefront for Prints!


After much learning I finally am opening
my SmugMug store.

Magical Kingdom of Aurora

Magical Kingdom of Aurora

I am still not happy with their pricing system, so I am going to set up a discount code to use on the Thin Wraps, Canvas Wraps, and Metal Prints. Meanwhile you can still go directly through me on those items via email at The discount code will be about 35% off the listed prices.


Feel free to give me suggestions or feedback if you see something not working well, or you can help me make it better.

I also still have books and calendars, you can find information in the sidebar menu under Calendars and Books..

Welcome to My World, where the air is fresh and the Clouds are Beautiful



Darlisa Black   PO Box 190, Husum, WA 98623


My Mother and Father taught me to love the world around me… and if I can help others to see with new eyes and find joy by showing that beauty through photography. I have accomplished my hearts goal. Husum, WA is my childhood home and I consider home to be anywhere from Mount Adams to the Columbia River. I give thanks to my parents for their love for Nature and God, and for the years we spent immersed in nature as i grew up in this paradise.

I do NOT have a storefront, but you can contact me about special orders .  MORE INFORMATION in sidebar links under Calendars and Books 


February 2013 is a showing at Skyline Hospital, and 

March 2013 will be a showing in the White Salmon Library with an Artist Reception March 9,  6-8 pm.


Photo notecards can be purchased locally at Artisan’s Jewelry and Gallery, in White Salmon; and in Heavenly Grounds in Trout Lake; as well as The Hood River Hotel gift shop.  In the summer I can often be found at the Trout Lake Saturday market with my new photo books, calendars, cards and prints.  Here is another link for a PDF brochure about Trout Lake, in Klickitat County, WA.

LINKS for my Photos online:

IN THE SIDEBAR ON THIS PAGE  are  links to all my photo sharing sites such as  Facebook,      Flickr,    and Google+ as well as my other blog  “In Search of Life’s Beauty”. 

Keeping up with this modern age of social media and such has finally pushed me into the modern age and I can now take debit and credit cards with my iPhone, as well as Paypal, cash and checks… got it covered! I do not yet have an internet storefront however.

Most of my images are available as prints of many sizes, as well as Metal Prints, Thin Wraps, Canvas Gallery Wraps of most sizes. 

The Photographer, Darlisa Black

There have been several gallery showings of my photography in 2011-2013


at Grounds Espresso and North Shore Cafe,  and The Inn of the White Salmon,  and North Shore Clinic  in White Salmon, Washington;    Three finalist images in the Chasing the Light Show in the Columbia Art Gallery in Hood River, Oregon in August 2012.

December 2012 and January  2013 was a photo exhibit at Solstice Wood Fired Cafe in Bingen, WA.  

Published Works:

Several of my images have now been published in books, magazines and calendars .  Here are a few examples

“Weather Guide Calendar” by Accord Publishing has featured some of my rainbows and lenticular Clouds for 4 years running (2011, 2012 both have full page month images and 2013 had a small Lenticular  image. 2014 will have a full size Lightning photo)

“Weather of the Pacific Northwest” by Cliff Mass, atmospheric scientist at University of Washington, is an excellent weather book for the Northwest, and includes a lenticular image over Mount Adams.  On his weather blog, Cliff posted about my work, calling me a “SKY POET”.  I liked that!  I am particularly fond of Lenticular clouds and have a large collection of images featuring these unusual formations, and am known on Flickr as the Queen of Lenticulars!  That bit makes me chuckle… as I know I am no queen!  But I thank my Flickr and Facebook friends for the encouragement.

Cross Country Magazine has printed two of my Lenticular images in an article on Mountain Wave Clouds

The Stranger Magazine, Seattle Magazine, and others have published images of mine, and many  have been shown on news stations such as KOIN 6 and KPTV 12 over the last three years.

“The Infinity Loop”, a travel guide published by Clackamus County had a Gorge and Mount Hood image on the cover in


On another note… I have two website addresses, currently points to this blog as the website with that name was hacked and I have yet to fix things!

Thank you for coming to VISIT!!!


Current Events in February

Oh how I love Lenticulars! Yes, if you look over in the sidebar there is a menu link to Lenticular Clouds, a whole gallery of them spanning 6 years.    ALSO please look at the bottom of  this post for current information about my Gallery Shows!

February 11, 2013 Lenticular over Mount Hood

February 11, 2013
Lenticular over Mount Hood

at the same time this morning this is the view down the Gorge from White Salmon

View over Hood River Bridge and down the Columbia River Gorge Feb 11, 2013

View over Hood River Bridge and down the Columbia River Gorge Feb 11, 2013

a couple early February mornings (like Sunday the 10th for instance) there was morning hard frost in White Salmon, WA, and last week i took this frost shot in Odell

Frost on a sunny morning in Odell, Oregon early February

Frost on a sunny morning in Odell, Oregon early February


Stop on by Skyline Hospital in White Salmon,  Washington and enjoy my Gallery Show hanging on their wall until the end of February, just around the corner from the Front Desk.

IMG_4873 IMG_4870 IMG_4868


White Salmon Library will be hosting my show for the month of March, in the Sprint Baker Block Building.  I will be there to talk about my images, and answer any questions.  Come tell me about your favorite places you think should be photographed!

March 9, 2013 will be the Artist Opening, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, complete with snacks and live music by my daughter, the singer/songwriter  Leannan Sidhe.

You can also take a look at my books and calendars while you are there… I will have a display of items for sale, as well as CD’s of my original music by Leannan Sidhe.

You can also take a look at the products in these photo albums of books and calendars

2013 Calendars    There are only a handful of the calendar left, marked down from $25 to $20.00

Photo Books…

Moods of Mount Adams

2012 Photojourney

Trout Lake and Beyond

 Pacific Northwest

Also you can contact me at    or on facebook at Starlisa Black Photography for special orders.  I work with prints of many sizes, framed or unframed, and especially the new Metal Prints, Thin Wraps, Canvas Wraps, and Standouts.  PRICE LIST AVAILABLE HERE

Also, click here  for my other blog  “In Search of Lifes Beauty” where I post more frequently right now.  You can also find it in the Photo Links tab of the menu and click on blogspot