Winter Cards Sale

I have a winter set of 5 x 7″ notecards available as random assortment or handpicked selection. These are printed directly as color copies of a PDF file, onto a glossy coverstock paper using a high quality printer, and were quite popular recently at the Trout Lake Christmas Bazaar! PRICE: 10 pack with envelopes forContinue reading “Winter Cards Sale”

Rainy Day Beauty

Even in the midst of Rainy days there is beauty… ¬†although at times I just stand there and watch the rain fall, in a bit of a trance. ¬†The gentle or fierce sound of the rain, leaves blowing in the wet wind, the smell of fungi beginning to grow, it all washes over me likeContinue reading “Rainy Day Beauty”

Random Bits of Pink

I just felt like some COLOR was appropriate, rich vibrant color to counteract the Ice and bitter wind outside. A friend treated me tonight to an amazing day at Bonneville Hot Springs Resort, and tonight coming home was the coldest it has been in awhile. So, for all of you anxious for warmer and brighterContinue reading “Random Bits of Pink”

Just before Christmas Lennies

I was thrilled on the 22nd to get my early Christmas present! ¬†You know me and my Lenticular clouds. ¬†I was pretty excited to find these in Trout Lake for sunset. ¬†Next day was rainbow day with wild rain, and the third day was sunny and blue skies! ¬†Weather change indicators these are often called.Continue reading “Just before Christmas Lennies”

2014 Calendar

At Long Last, I have finished making my calendar for 2014, and you can see photos of the pages on this link! ¬†Come check them out… and contact me via comment or email if you would like to order. 2014 Calendar.