Crazy new Cup Ideas

I was just messing around with ideas for a  tall 15 oz mug and a few 11 oz mugs as well… what do you think, is it worth doing?  These might end up costing way too much to resell unfortunately unless there is a bulk option.  These I came up with over at Shutterfly where I do a lot of my books and my calendars.  In any case I had fun playing with combinations, whether I actually make any or not!  In most cases there are 3-4 images for the same cup, different angles, and as you can see I wasted way too much time today on a project that is a total offshoot from what I “should” be doing.  I am like that sometimes, so easily sidetracked, especially by a new creative idea.  I am also working on more magnet ideas, but those will be a later post.

If you just want to glance at  a few of these and get on to the information about that huge sale I have been talking about, you can find that post here  

Or perhaps you wanted to see my best galleries to look for a print for someone… This is the link for my photo galleries.  It is also in the sidebar menu to your right

and now on to the crazy cup ideas!










And one last image that is also my poster for the current sale!

This poster is about the same sale linked to at the top of the post

This poster is about the same sale linked to at the top of the post


Waterfall: Which one do you like best?

I would love your feedback on the waterfalls… something I have not practiced as much as clouds 🙂  Your preference and why, and any tips you would like to share.

One is shot with a 1.3 sec,  shutter speed at f22 and processed softly, the second one is shot with shutter speed of 1/5 at f11 and processed with stronger contrasts.

shot at f22, 1.3 seconds at ISO 100

shot at f22, 1.3 seconds at ISO 100

shot at f11, 1/5 seconds at ISO 100

shot at f11, 1/5 seconds at ISO 100

Seasonal Waterfalls and Grass Widows

This time of year is such a joy after the dark times to have the light, and with it the earliest of flowers and the waterfalls that Grace cliffs of the gorge. Grass windows bloom even as the snow melts along the mossy seasonally wet plateaus in the eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge bordering Washington and Oregon. Snowdrops poke their heads out under the snow in local gardens, and heavy rains bring everything to life.

Most of these images except this top featured image of Snowdrops are all iPhone shots.






Ideas for Triptychs in Metal

a friend and I were coming up with some ideas for a large wall display for her newly remodeled home, and I found this idea exciting so I am sharing some of the grouping ideas with you to show the many possibilities available with Metal, Canvas and Thin Wrap style images.  They also turn out to be cheaper for wall space covered than one large image!

AfterMidnightPano triptych - Copy ArchesPark8522 triptych - Copy BIgE-2 tripTriptych - Copy BigSpring TimelessTriptych   1@20x24_4@11.5sq - Copy BigSpringsFalls-triptech - Copy BirdCreekMeadows triptych - Copy firecracerSunset triptych - Copy goldenFalls triptych - Copy GorgeRainbow triptych - Copy HoodRiversunset triptych - Copy LangfieldFalls triptych - Copy lennieCarnival triptych - Copy LennieSunset triptych - Copy MtAdamsLennie triptych - Copy MtHoodStormySunset triptych - Copy NaturallyFramed PortraitTriptych - Copy NaturallyFramed triptych - Copy OldForest FlagstoneTriptych - Copy OldGrowth ClassicTriptych - Copy OldTree PortraitTriptych - Copy SpiritFalls TimelessTriptych - Copy Sunset triptych - Copy Takhlakh_waterfalls ClassicTriptych - Copy TakhlakhLakeBoat TimelessTriptych - Copy TroutCreekAutumn Timeless-triptych - Copy TroutCreekAutumn Timeless-triptych2 - Copy TroutCreekAutumn triptych - Copy TroutCreekSummer Timeless-triptych - Copy TroutCreeksummer triptych - Copy UpperBigSpring TimelessTriptych - Copy UpperBigSpring TimelessTriptych2 - Copy Waterfalls ClassicTriptych - Copy Waterfalls ClassicTriptych2 - Copy Waterfalls FlagstoneTriptych - Copy Waterfalls FlagstoneTriptych2 - Copy Waterfalls FlagstoneTriptych3 - Copy Waterfalls FlagstoneTriptych4 - Copy waterfalls StairclimberTriptych - Copy waterfalls StairclimberTriptych2 - Copy waterfalls StairclimberTriptych2