Fall color, 2014 and from the Archives

Collection of Autumn images both current and from Archives

Four Kitties and a loving Brother Roger

How loving cats and my brother Roger are similar, and celebrating holding the head high and loving life while dealing with life threatening illness, complete with photos to prove it all!

Art For Oso Photography Auction Fundraiser

Round #3 has begun and the first two rounds were a great success! We are accepting art and photography for review and auction online on Facebook starts May 16th at 9pm. Please share, pass this on! More information on this google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CrbQYf9a0fcE6OjsPwG5IejEmC-TgBOfrep3d5SujvA/edit?usp=sharing Thank you!

Wind, Sun, and Gratitude

Wind, Sun, and Gratitude Letting the winds of Life dance around me like whirling Dervishes, my roots reach deep into the earth’s mysteries and songs, while my arms, like branches, reach with joy into the sun filled heavens above. Longing swims the same channels through my veins as Gratitude, connecting the heavens above and earthContinue reading “Wind, Sun, and Gratitude”

Crown Point Aurora

  Aurora seen from Crown Point and the Vista House in the Columbia Gorge. I could hardly believe we could see it so well!  June 28, 2013 near midnight. this image shows the lights just coming up in a wave over Washington and the Columbia River   This next image a few minutes later showsContinue reading “Crown Point Aurora”

February Fire and New Photo Sites

Sunset in the Columbia Gorge on 02/02/2013 from White Salmon, WA   I have been working hard on creating a SmugMug site.  At this point i have not paid to upgrade to Pro, and so I do not have a store enabled, but when I am ready to make that change it should be easy.Continue reading “February Fire and New Photo Sites”