Many of you have read and shared this article about  My adopted niece Erica Kuneki.   She continues in her battle with cancer, dealing with a great deal of pain. This brave young woman  still continues to find things to laugh about, in spite of  the trauma of the cancer.  Recently, a platelet transfusion caused a reaction similar to anaphylactic shock, and had to be discontinued.

Erica and her family continue to need help financially for help with bills, laundry costs, even bridge tolls.   There are several fundraisers listed in this original article for anyone willing to help.  Thank you!


via Warrior Stronger Than Cancer

Warrior Stronger Than Cancer


“Don’t Tread On Me”: Photo of rattlesnake frozen in death during the Taylor Creek wildfire in Melin, Oregon. His last defiant act was to strike at the flames that consumed him. (Photograph by Dustin Davis) The story behind the photo:

via “Don’t Tread On Me!” An Iconic American Photo Gone Viral. 


“Don’t Tread On Me!” An Iconic American Photo Gone Viral.