Books and Calendars

CLICK ON THE PHOTO LINKS FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT EACH BOOK OR PREVIOUS YEARS CALENDAR. Email me to order. I can send you an invoice and then ship, or meet you in town if you are local.   None of these are currently available at any local stores, only through me.  email to



Trout Lake and Beyond Coffee Table book

This book has recently been updated to edition 4 with 50 pages of gorgeous color images of the area around Mount Adams and a little beyondTL&Beyond1-FrontCover




Moods of Mount Adams Coffee Table  book  I now have a new version of this book with more pages, and have one in stock for sale currently

Moods of Mount Adams_cover


Pacific Northwest photo book #1  currently I have 1 paperback copies of this first book, for $25 .  Might not order more of these.

Capture book cover


2013 Calendar  Not Available



I am between calendar seasons… but you can still look through the 2014 calendars to get an idea what my calendars look like.
This 2015 calendar is sold out, although more could be made as special orders.  For those who are collecting my works and would like to order a previous year calendar, email me and I can still order those as well.  Click on this photo to see the entire album of images from this calendar.

2015 Mount Adams and Gorge Calendar.


These first images are 2014 calendars, click on one to see the full album of images from the calendar.

Fire calendar
Fire calendar  (Sold Out)
 Desk Calendar.
Desk Calendar. (Sold Out)
 Columbia Gorge Area
Columbia Gorge Area (sold out)
 Old Barns and Buildings.   
Old Barns and Buildings.  Sold Out
 Mount Adams and Gorge
Mount Adams and Gorge  Sold Out



5 thoughts on “Books and Calendars

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  2. Floid pierson says:

    Would love a year fifteen calendar,. Please let me know when available.

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