June Sunset in the Gorge

Recently I was treated to an amazing sunset over the Columbia River Gorge in White Salmon, Washington.  I drove to the top of a hill, met some new friends, and fell in love all over again with clouds and wind in my hair on a hill top as day deepened into twilight.  Do you know that feeling?  If not, find yourself out there somewhere, by a river, on a hilltop, in a desert.  Watch past the sunset, watch for the fading light, the appearance of first planets and stars… and just breathe it all in with Gratitude.

For anyone who misses my more regular posts, I have no internet at home and it has been challenging to get somewhere with everything to post, when I do pop on internet, I have so many things to catch up on I get very little done!

Anyone want to help with that? I have a Tip Jar, a donate button on my wordpress website here, on the right sidebar down aways. Working my way back into the world again slowly, it has been a slow process this year, and have not been able to really work much lately. Things are looking up however! I will be an intern this summer at the museum in Bingen on weekends… you should pop in there and check out the displays, make a small donation to the museum, or even become a member for $20 a year for individuals!


Journey into Heart and Memories

A quick trip (with my brother Boyce and his sweet wife Kathy) to northern Utah for the funeral of a much loved older cousin became for me a journey full of memories from childhood mixed with meeting some amazing and wonderful new people.  I had been told there would be no time to stop for photos, so many of these were taken at full speed going down the road while my brother drove.  We saw some gorgeous fall colors, and I always love the red rock country.  At this point I just have time for a quick check in and wanted to leave you with some visuals from along the way.  More will come after I get home!


Into Idaho:

Idaho-Juniper-7449 Idaho-seedheads-7450

and finally UTAH:


AND MOUNT CARMEL, where my mother grew up and saw this view every day!  the first one was driving by on the way down, the second and third were a sunrise climb up the hill behind Aunt Mary’s house.

We got to spend one night at my Aunt Mary’s who somehow got a lot older in the years since I saw her… and she lives in the tiny town of Mount Carmel, Utah, where my Mother grew up on the family farm along the highway.  The old home built by Grandpa Hyrum Stevens, where he and Grandma Mabel May  raised their 11 children.  Mom was the middle of the batch and was a good milker of cows, often borrowing her brothers overalls to ride the horse out to take lunch to her brothers watching the cattle.

The white cone in all three photos is Sugar Knoll, and mom talked about climbing that knob.

SugarKnoll_7586Utah-SugarKnoll-sunrise-7708 Utah-SugarKnoll-sunrise-7812

Wind, Sun, and Gratitude


Wind, Sun, and Gratitude

Letting the winds of Life dance around me
like whirling Dervishes,
my roots reach deep into the
earth’s mysteries
and songs,
while my arms,
like branches,
reach with joy into the sun filled
heavens above.

Longing swims the same channels
through my veins
as Gratitude,
connecting the heavens above
and earth below.
Humbly I bow my head
and give thanks
For this day, this gift of life
and memory
and dreams.

~ Darlisa


Lewis River, famous for it green color, was a home every summer in my growing up years.  I can feel the presence of my loved ones in this magical place.

Lewis River, famous for it green color, was a home every summer in my growing up years. I can feel the presence of my loved ones in this magical place.


Breath of life, wash through my body

as I walk besides this sacred stream…

Father and Mother nearby,

I feel them in the smell of the forest,

in the dark of the deep cave…

they are in the water cascading down the mountainside,

in the fish that leap and glide…

their presence warms my heart

I lay upon the freshly wet forest duff..

Their love wraps itself around me like the softest blanket

as I give my tears to the earth…

and send my prayers on wings to the Creator.

Ancient Cedars carry my heart upwards

as the sap rises in the spring, and oh the smell!

Fresh pine gum fills my mouth with the tangy aroma of life,

as I sense my mother’s presence, she

who taught me to chew the delightful gum.

Sounds of the forest catch my attention,

and I remember my dad teaching me to track thru snow…

be alert, always scanning to the front and back

between quick glances at the ground.

A magical place, a sacred space,

not far from home,

yet in another world.

I follow the creek up over waterfalls

and around boulders and logs.

Rich yellow green mosses carpet rocks and soil

in an enticing paradise,

illuminated by spirit, refreshing the soul.

Sacred place,  mystical space….

the burdens of the heart melt deep

into accepting earth,

draining away with my tears into the ground.

Slowly, new life creeps up from the Mother,

infuses the cells of my body with vibrant life energy,

and replaces the pain with joy…

A prayer bursts forth with passion,

Crying to my Father above for release;

a prayer of hope,

a prayer of faith.

As I sit up, reborn from the water of the forest,

I give thanks with all my heart.

The Lord’s Prayer comes to my lips, not as a rote piece,

but full of meaning and life, color and depth…

… each phrase complete

each word from the heart.

I dip my hands into the blessed water

and wash my pain away.

A new life has begun.

~Darlisa~   3/21/05

Mother enjoying her favorite campground where we spent every summer deep in the mountains on the Lewis River ~ Nina Black, born May 18, 1913; died November 7, 2003

Mother enjoying her favorite campground where we spent every summer deep in the mountains on the Lewis River
~ Nina Black, born May 18, 1913; died November 7, 2003

Eternal Cycles

Freezing rain coats every needle on the fir trees one cold January week in 2010

Freezing rain coats every needle on the fir trees one cold January week in 2010

Eternal Cycles

Crystalline beauty
of individually frosted Ponderosa Pine needles,
glistening in the low-lying winter sunlight;
A shimmering halo of pure light evoking a brief flash of thankful joy.

The light that is love divine, pure unadulterated bliss…

At that wondrous moment, life makes sense.
Life and death~ part of the eternal cycle~
and never an ending
without a new beginning.

The morning sun kisses the earth, brings renewal daily.
It is left for us to see the blessings
and take them as our own.
The gift is here, do we have the eyes to see,
the ears to hear?

Descending into the fog once more
I remember the sadness,
but my load is lighter.
Heart brims with thankfulness,
for the memory of joy.

Fog thickens,
lays in wisps and heavy blankets
over the forested hills and tilled fields.
Darkness consumes,
yet a glimpse of the gold edged trees
in the high valley
bring a reminder of better days.

the light will return.
Light… pure love of Creator
for all creation…
and of all life for
it’s maker.
Be at peace.
~Darlisa 12/02/04


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On a Roll with the January Sunsets!

Tonight January 4th we had another lovely sunset in the PNW, and again I caught just the tail end going into twilight from White Salmon, Washington.  Here are tonight’s images!  Click on the image to see it bigger on my photo sharing site.  The previous post was another sunset in the Gorge on January 2, 2014.  It is already a good year!


PinkGorgeSunset_1493 PinkGorgeSunset_1495



also regarding my calendars this year… I am out of both Mount Adams and The Gorge, but I still have desk Calendar and Fire Calendars.  You can see more about those and my coffee table books here, just click on the photo below:

Fire Calendar January

Fire Calendar January

Support the Amazing Photographers who Bring you Joy!

It’s a beautiful world…

Sleeping Beauty with Cirrus uncinus clouds

Sleeping Beauty with Cirrus uncinus clouds

Thank you to all the amazing photographers out there on the internet these days who put themselves in challenging and awkward situations to bring you an amazing view of this beautiful world. It has been such a pleasure getting to know and often learn from so many incredible photographers here in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.  People like Rebecca Lynn Latson in Texas who writes articles for National Parks Magazine now, or Gary Randall near Mount Hood, Oregon,  Janice Lorentz  in Portland area,  Patricia Thomas of Clear Vision Photography,  Gregory Pepion in Portland , Don Briggs in Tacoma, Larry Andreasen in Tillamook, to name just a very few of the amazing photographers I know personally.  I would have to fill the whole page if I tried to list everyone!  Maybe someday I will try to make a post with all the photographers I love.

Thank you to those who take time to look and share the beautiful photos so many photographers work very hard to capture. Many of us photographers do have websites and sell our work and the purchase of even a small print or card from these photographers can make the difference in having gas to go get more images, and food to eat on the journey, and money to pay the bills. Some of us find our peace in Nature, and work hard to bring that back to share with you. Some have other jobs, some rely on the income they can earn from this talent and skill that has been developed over time. YOU CAN MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in the lives of those whose work you admire by remembering to always give them credit when sharing their work on social media sites, and  by purchasing examples of their work. Remember photographers when you are shopping for presents for your loved ones, share the beauty of nature!

here are a few of the products I have created to sell


Trout Lake and Beyond photo book





2014 calendar

I am still working on the calendar for 2014 and watch here for a new link coming soon!  email me if you want on the list for the calendar, it will be similar to the 2013 but with photos from this year. I will also make some without the small images in the day squares.

2013 Calendar



Pacific Northwest photo book #1

Capture book cover


Moods of Mount Adams photo book

Moods of Mount Adams_cover


Recently I have been designing wall clusters of my best images, either in splits like this Maple leaf image, or in clusters of different images creating a theme.  They can be on Metal prints, Thinwrap or canvas, and can cover a large wall area for less money than a single print the same size.

Metal Prints have been the rage this last couple years, with more of my images being purchased on metal than any other medium.  They seem to glow with the light, are waterproof, scratch resistant, hold their color beautifully for years, and can last for generations.  I am hooked and so are many of my customers!



#17  Formal Four Split Autumn Vine Maple leafAutumnMaple FormalFourTriptych


For paper prints alone, you can order many different images in many sizes here by clicking on this image.



Handmade 5″ x 7″ Photo notecards can be purchased locally at Artisan’s Jewelry and Gallery, in White Salmon; and in Heavenly Grounds in Trout Lake; as well as Dickey Farms in Bingen,Washington.  In the summer I can often be found at the Trout Lake Saturday market with my new photo books, calendars, cards and prints.  Here is another link for a PDF brochure about Trout Lake, in Klickitat County, WA.

You can also request an assortment of cards by requesting a theme set such as Columbia Gorge, Mount Adams, Trout Lake and Beyond, Mount Hood, Flowers, Animals and Birds, Lenticular Clouds, Atmospheric Optics, Rainbows,  contact me  via email at starlisa.black@gmail.com

Notecard packs are  6 cards with envelopes for $20  or   10 cards for $30


Thank you!  be sure to go tell your favorite photographers thank you, there are so many of us!  We are all over Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, 500px, Smugmug, Pinterest and many more.  Remember to use share buttons that link back to the original photographer,  and encourage people to click on the photos and give credit to the photographers.  Holidays are coming, remember us for your shopping needs!