I lost My Marbles

I lost my marbles!! And then my sister friend Janice came to visit and helped me find them, and we found hers too🤪😂😂

Are yours here too? 🤗

Before that, when we were driving up this away, I had to show Janice The truth of my bumper sticker. “I Brake for Interesting Cloud Formations”. I didn’t teach her anything new though, she’s been around me before LOL.

I was so excited to have my friend come, got to introduce her to some family and friends along the way.

This evening, my friend next door shared some delicious stew with me.

This was a very good day! And now, sitting in my comfy chair with my dear sweet Willow on my lap. I love the way he likes to hold my hand.

I hope you all have a pleasant week ahead!



Snow for Valentine’s Day

In spite of the fact that last week it approached 60° for a bit, and plants are starting to show signs of budding and even blooming in some areas further down hill, this morning I was reminded that it is definitely still winter in Trout Lake. ⛄️❄️🌈⛄️.

We might get more over the next few days.

Poor Dear Willow, I know you think this is all my fault, with your poor tired body and achy bones. Believe me I can relate to the tired old body and aching bones bit! I used to like shoveling snow. 😂🤪❄️

Eclipse 2017, Shaniko

YES IT WAS WORTH THE TRIP!!! Seriously phenomenal!!! We had 1 min 27 seconds totality in Shaniko, Oregon. Not enough but incredible. The sky was violet, the corona alive. My daughter and her friend danced for joy and I am so happy I could share this with them. In fact if it were not for them I might not have come down here. I even managed to get a few shots :).

These are snapshots of the photos from my big camera, taken with my phone of the back of my camera. Can we have a do over please? 😀😀😀⭐️

Glenwood Aurora

This gallery contains 15 photos.

While the majority of my aurora shots have been from Trout Lake side of Mount Adams, I found this series of shots in my archives that had been forgotten, from Glenwood, WA.  June 1, 2013  Mount Adams still features strongly.  The first two shots were of something I have not experienced any other time; and […]

FebruMay Day

ahhh, the wildflowers are blooming like crazy… they didn’t get the memo about winter being here until late March!
Catherine Creek Universal Access Area along Old Highway 8 near Lyle, WA is a wonderful ever changing place when spring hits… even if spring comes in February.  Recent walks out around the paved handicap access trail in the sunshine that had a sharp bit of cold bite led to the discovery of fields of Grass Widows blooming, along with saxifrage varieties, Gold Stars, Prairie Stars, Columbia (purple) Desert Parsley as well as the yellow Desert Parsley.  Pretty exciting!  I will do another post soon with the wildflower closeups, but for this one i wanted to focus on this amazing beautiful day, February 22, 2015

For More information on the wildflower called Grass Widows click here

20150222-_MG_9292 20150222-_MG_9294 20150222-_MG_9305 20150222-_MG_9308 20150222-_MG_9315 20150222-_MG_9324

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Reflections on Life, Ripples of memory

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I am holding a vision in my mind that anyone that is lonely or sad today has someone reach out to them to bring comforting positive words, a hug, a warm blanket or good meal, whatever it is that they are most in need of today or any day. Regardless of National holidays, this is my vision for everyday. May this old world find more peace and far less anger and violence, and that change has always started with each one of us.
Watch ourselves… when we see the crazy things that happen on the news, what is your reaction? DO you rush to blame someone and pile on the judgement in comments on the internet? Or do you stop and try to see the situation from all sides and realize we have no place in life to be judges of others when we do not know the full circumstances?  Think about your words… for they do have an effect on others.  In this day of technology, those words can stick around to haunt you for a long time!
Think about it…  give thanks, and think about what positive energy you can put out into the world to balance all the negative. I love you all, and hope for the very best for each and everyone of us!

Reflections_2269 Reflections_2297 Reflections_2298 Reflections_2326 Zen-Layers_2335

Great Horned Owl and Barred Owl

Great Horned Owl at twilight in an old tree
Great Horned Owl over my head in the tree

Great Horned Owl over my head in the tree

When I was a teenager, we had a clump of Ponderosa Pines in our backyard in Husum, Washington. On occasion several huge Great Horned owls would land in the trees, hooting back and forth at each other in the dark of night. I would stand out in the middle of the clump of trees and mimic their call back at them as best I could, and they seemed to respond. My friends and adopted family among various tribes have some strong taboos about Owl, as a messanger of death, but my friends from the Celtic and Pagan traditions see them as a bird of honor. Nowadays we are all used to Harry Potter and his Owl that carried messages for him.

This week I was blessed once again to stand in a grove of trees in Oregon at twilight watching Great Horned Owls, and it nourished my spirit. I was able to capture a few shots, although they are not high quality due to the low light levels at the time.   I hope you enjoy them with me!!

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

I am proving several links here to videos and information about Owls, just click on any of these links to learn more!
CLICK HERE for a video with an owl in a Raptor show, a short film

CLICK THIS LINK for an hour long video on Owls by National Geographic this one is fantastic in usual National Geographic style

You can also read more about Owls in Wikipedia in this link

This amazing page contains short myths of Owls from many traditions in the world

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Here are more Owls I have caught on camera over the years:

Barred Owl near Mount Adams

Barred Owl near Mount Adams

Barred Owl near Mount Adams

Barred Owl near Mount Adams


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Barred Owl in Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Packwood, Washington

Barred Owl in Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Packwood, Washington  

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Great Horned Owl at the Discovery Center in The Dalles, Oregon

Great Horned Owl at the Discovery Center in The Dalles, Oregon

Tractors were a Wonderful Invention

tractor in the hay field hard at work near Husum, WA

I seem to be a woman of few words these days, but a thousand pictures, so today I am posting a random collection of Tractor photos in honor of my Bro Larry Andreasen (AKA bobshots on Flickr). Larry taught me the joy of screeching to a halt on a photo journey as someone hollered “TRACTOR!!!” and we jumped out of the car to take photos.

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Thank you for your visit.

Emerald Roads Call My Name

Have you had moments in life when the sun suddenly pops out from behind the clouds and grabs you attention, telling you “GO THIS WAY NOW!!!”? I had one of those Monday morning.


I headed out early in hopes of a good sunrise, and although sunrise fizzled I still got to spend a couple hours in a magical green kingdom far above the busy world below. Rolling on moss beds taking photos of Grass Widows and moss, and River far below, in a world apart. Yes it was a bit cold, but I was well prepared.. Sure the wind was a lot to take while shooting flowers, but there were calmer moments. A perfect morning simply discovering the details in a place not far from home that i had never seen before.

Grass Widows along the bluff above the Columbia River

Grass Widows along the bluff above the Columbia River

THere were bits of history laying about too, parts of life from long ago.


and across the river I can almost see my home among the many homes in White Salmon, Washington.


and there was even a hint of a rainbow in the distance on Underwood Mountain!




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Darlisa Black

Starlisa Black Photography

Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight

Does that count for Red Suns as well? All this smoke in the area is really giving us some amazing sky phenomena. This is taken tonight, 9-24-2012 from White Salmon, WA. I did very little processing on any of these at this point.
I took a break from the Cascade Creek Fire today, to take care of my sister instead. Last night she had some heart troubles and had to visit the ER while I was up on the hill…so I did not go back up to the fire camp to sell calendars tonight.

the sale is over where I bought the calendars so for now i am not ordering more of those for now. There are still about 3 or 4 calendars left now, and eventually I will order more when I can get them cheaper. If you missed this round and wanted a calendar just contact me about getting your name on the list for next time.

Today I designed a new 8 1/2 x 11 inch Photobook using many of my fire images from Cascade Creek Fire. Tomorrow I should be able to pick those up and take them to the camp Tuesday night to sell.

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