Autumn in White Salmon

A day in the life of a small but lovely town along the Columbia River, from a foggy morning start to a Yowser sunset. November 8, 2014, and dedicated to my niece Erin Kyte Huerta and her husband Melicio for their 11th anniversary. Erin grew up on these streets, in this town. Currently in Utah, she misses this place so I am bringing it home to her 🙂 She has had some serious health problems, and struggles to keep working, and I want to bring her some joy.
I love you Erin and Melicio, Happy Anniversary! Grandma would be hugging you right now too if she could.


6 thoughts on “Autumn in White Salmon

  1. Love those cloud formations! Beautiful photos, Darlisa!


  2. Erin Kyte Huerta says:

    Thank you Auntie! I love you! I do miss home. But, me leaving all worked out in the end. Even though I miss Mom immensely, it probably was the best thing and a blessing in disguise. If I was there they would have probably never had caught the Pulmonary Hypertension I have. Nor would I have been able to work. Even though I get tired a lot. I still am able to do what I do. And yes I miss Grandma, and think about her often.


  3. Caroline Roberts says:

    Thanks you for beautiful gift! While made for another, it truly is a gift to many!


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