Snow for Valentine’s Day

In spite of the fact that last week it approached 60° for a bit, and plants are starting to show signs of budding and even blooming in some areas further down hill, this morning I was reminded that it is definitely still winter in Trout Lake. ⛄️❄️🌈⛄️.

We might get more over the next few days.

Poor Dear Willow, I know you think this is all my fault, with your poor tired body and achy bones. Believe me I can relate to the tired old body and aching bones bit! I used to like shoveling snow. 😂🤪❄️


Autumn in White Salmon

A day in the life of a small but lovely town along the Columbia River, from a foggy morning start to a Yowser sunset. November 8, 2014, and dedicated to my niece Erin Kyte Huerta and her husband Melicio for their 11th anniversary. Erin grew up on these streets, in this town. Currently in Utah, she misses this place so I am bringing it home to her 🙂 She has had some serious health problems, and struggles to keep working, and I want to bring her some joy.
I love you Erin and Melicio, Happy Anniversary! Grandma would be hugging you right now too if she could.

King of the Mountain and other Snow images

boy climbs mountain of snow

Climbing to the top

boy stands tall at the top of a pile of snow, King of the mountain!

King of the Mountain!

king dethroned.. one slip of the foot and down goes the boy on the snow.

one slip of the foot, King dethroned

boy hides in snowy tree, but his coat shows through the branches

You Can’t See Me!


The Hills above town

The Hills above town

Snow covered trees on the hill above town

Snow covered trees on the hill above town

When the sun comes out, the trees and snow light up.

When the sun comes out, the trees and snow light up.


Other images around town on Feb. 10th before the rain moved in and temps soared and things got messy!

SnowDay_Feb10-3709 SnowDay_Feb10-3714 SnowDay_Feb10-3717 SnowDay_Feb10-3718


Such a lovely morning!

The town of White Salmon looked so lovely in this early morning light I thought I would share it with you







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Snowstorm Dec. 15, 2012


White Salmon was turned into a fairyland Saturday afternoon and evening, children and adults were throwing snowballs and walking around looking at Christmas lights in the snow… invigorating and beautiful!  Good to enjoy while you can, by morning it was half melted and looking more bleak.

These are all iPhone shots taken around town during the storm

White Salmon in Fall…. coming soon!

Before you know it Fall Dress will be in style once again! I have been spotting some brilliant fall alpine colors, as well as the full range of green to yellow, orange and red vine maple along highway 141 south of Trout Lake, Washington. I think it will hit hard and fast like every season this year has done.

be prepared to enjoy!

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