Happy Weekend everyone!

There was some lovely color south of me around Mount Hood this morning, and a lovely Lenny blanket wrapped over her shoulders… no photo, too far to do it justice from here in Trout Lake. Mount Adams was hiding under a roiling undulating cloud with no color but intriguing shapes. Still freezing cold up here, with piles of frozen snow but no new snow as of yet. Today I have to head to Battleground for a class for caregiving, with others driving so no photography today!
Thank heavens for friends I tell myself daily…..

Photo Book images

Recently I designed a book on Shutterfly with several images per page, an 8 x 8 inch hard bound coffee table style book.  I have sold approx. 50 copies to date.  Next I hope to come up with a variety of different books on specific areas or on subjects like the Lenticular clouds.

Starlisa Black Photography 2011
8 x 8 hard back coffee table style book
cost $35
contact me at starlisa.black@gmail.com

a collection of my photos from primarily in the Columbia Gorge and Mount Adams area, in a small coffee table book format 8 x 8 inches and 20 pages with a hard back cover complete with lovely photos. If you are interested in purchasing one, they are retailing for $35 plus tax in Washington sales and $5.00 for US shipping. Contact me at starlisa.black@gmail.com , on facebook, or here on my blog for more information or to place an order

Lenticular Cloud Formations

Lenticular Cloud Formations

.  I just created a special page on my website for these unique formations I am somewhat well known for!  By the way, I just had two images published in Cross Country Magazine …. read by Hang Glider and Paraglider pilots in over 75 countries worldwide…

I will be adding more Lenticular images to this gallery as time goes by

January Sunset in the Columbia River Gorge.


We were blessed with many wonderful sunsets, and then that was followed up by a huge snowstorm that tied things up all over… then came a Silver Thaw that caused trees to break all over the area, pulling down many power lines with them,  Many people in Klickitat County were without power from 1 to 6 or 7 days, with power crews working long days trying to get to the trouble spots and fix them.  The storm was not without Jewels, however!

Rose Hips on Ice

I have a few Calendars and Photo Books still available

I Calendar Cover…
This collection represents all the images in my 2012 calendar… I have just purchased 9 more calendars that will be in around the middle of January. You can take this calendar home with you for $17.00 plus tax if you are in Washington, and $5.00 shipping if you need it mailed to you. I do take PayPal at darlisa.may@gmail.com, as well as checks and cash. Message me on Facebook to make an order or over at my email, starlisa.black@gmail.com

you can see all the photos by clicking on this facebook page link
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.240965729308456.57752.148702668534763&type=1 for the calendar or on this link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.232518983486464.56245.148702668534763&type=1

for the photo book!

2012 Calendar is available now!

I have a limited edition of 25 calendars printed at Shutterfly available for $17.oo each.  Printed on heavy quality paper with a spiral binding this wall calendar came out really lovely, with an assortment of images from Mount Adams to Mount Hood.  Add $5.00 for shipping if I need to mail the calendar to you.

I do take PayPal, at darlisa.may@gmail.com or starlisa.black@gmail.com as well as checks and cash


You can see images from the calendar here on my facebook page… I am having trouble uploading images today on this blog




Life is Sweet, thanks to Gary Randall I have a new Website

… and now I just need to learn to use it wisely!

and by the way, Gary has a most amazing photography site of his own you should check out..


I will work on adding images to my galleries after Christmas, and linking this blog to facebook and Flickr… looking forward to a new year in paradise with a camera!

Fort Worden Lighthouse in Port Townsend
A lovely December Day on the Olympic Peninsula
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